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US POLITICS – The circus of the insane! – Letter from America with Ken Mufuka

By Professor Ken Mufuka

When I was a young man, I passed through Paris, France. Out of curiosity, I was surprised to find that the French leader then, General Charles de Gaulle, was anti-American.

Ken Mufuka
Ken Mufuka

The present events in Washington illustrate de Gaulle’s apprehension about American leadership, their infantilism (childishness) the a-historical nature of their reactions to events (unawareness of history, even recent history) and their constant childish bickering, cutting up, showing off and effeminate behavior.

If it were up to US Speaker Nancy Pelosi to decide, President Donald Trump would be hanged on a tree before the Capitol building. The way she repeatedly refers to him as a dangerous man, and her childish effeminate accusations of insurrection show that she wants to be the prosecutor, the judge and the jury.

She has decided that Trump’s speech is incendiary, and the captured press is all agog in agreement with her. They forget, as de Gaulle perceived that many years ago, the origin and the reasons for freedom of speech. Trump is not a Barack Obama, and is unlearned in the arts of black rhetoric or Obamaspeak as it is called here.

Trump comes from the film industry and his speech form is ungrammatical, provocative and falls into the info-entertainment genre. To Pelosi, nothing that Trump can do will weigh with her.

She arranged that television stations see her tear up Trump’s address to the nation last January 2020. That is a measure of the hatred she has for Trump and her effeminate behavior (an excess of exhibitionist behavior).

The point we are making is that it was for this reason that the French philosopher Voltaire (died 1776) said to his friend these words. “Monsieur le’Abbe, I detest what you are saying, but I would give up my life to defend your right to say it.”

That is the origin of our right to free speech.

On the 6th of January Congress met to certify that former Vice president joe Biden was the president elect. While Congress was meeting, Trump’s 450 000 supporters from the 50 states met at the White house to protest what they believed to be a stolen election.

There is nothing unusual about such protests. In 2000 former Vice President Al Gore appealed to the Supreme Court about what he believed was a stolen election in Florida.

Miami-Dade County, whose majority are black, is the largest voter unit in Florida with 60 000 votes. The machines, according to Gore, were deliberately old and unusable, requiring manual and human reading of the “hanging chads.”

The Supreme Court refused a recount, allowing George Bush to win the election by 527 votes. Gore made a speech, calming the tempestuous hearts of his supporters, who were ready to show their displeasure in some physical way.

“For the sake of peace, we must accept the decision of the highest court in the land.” The majority of the judges at the time were Bush appointees (George Bush’s father and former president).

It was in this well known American tradition that Trump made the following poetic speech to his 450 000 followers on the steps of the White House.

In a follow up speech, Trump said these words.
“Go home with love and peace
Remember this day forever
We had an election that was stolen from us
But you go home now
We have to have peace. We have to have law and order. We don’t want anybody to get hurt.” (6th January 2021).

Because all the media houses have been captured, this speech is nowhere to be found in the public discourse.

“Trump did not concede to Joe Biden,” the captured acolytes repeat themselves a ad infinitum.
“Trump must be made accountable for this,” is a chorus by anti-Trumpkins.

The fascists

Professor Kevin Kerry at Irvin in California was once a United Nations Repertoire on freedom of speech. He wrote in the Los Angeles Times that Trump supporters must be run out of the country. One wonders what this professor is teaching our children.

If it was a mad professor alone, we would not pay too much mind to it. The Democrats are serious about banishing all Trumps’ supporters from the public forum and recreating the Republican party in their own image. The mega international companies, Bank Commerce, Wal-Mart, Marriott and many others are falling into line. Here is the juicy part. They must denounce him publicly and the fact that they ever supported him financially.

As we went to press, the financial House of Charles Schwab has been forced to recant its past services to Trump supporters. I assume that in future it will be allowed to open only Democratic Party portfolios.

The giant companies, Twitter, Facebook, Google and others have already done so. But the circus of the insane goes on. The Chief executive of Google is foreign born Sundararajan Pichai, an Asian from Tamil Naidu, India and a Sadhu-guru of sorts.

So this Sadhu-guru, in his oriental wisdom, orders his company GOOGLE, to banish the words of US President Donald Trump forever from the face of the earth.

This is the basis of anti-globalists on which Trump’s supporters feed on.
The witch hunt is continuing. A Black Lives Matter leader, John Sullivan had traveled 1 000 miles from Utah in order to denounce Congress and its affiliates with expletives.

The brother has now been charged with trying to overthrow the US government, a crime that carries the death penalty. Ms Ashley who was shot dead, will be charged post mortem.

Another loser was a Pluton (yes, from the planet Pluto) who joined the melee after getting orders from some microwave communication system. The Pluton is facing charges of insurrection and intention to overthrow the US government.

While Americans feel that their beloved country is being overwhelmed by the globalists, their leaders are blind to these developments. Their lack of historical sense drives them into the circus of the insane.

Unaware that the audios were still on, former British Prime Minister David Cameron complained bitterly to his G-8. compatriots. Then US President Barack Obama, Cameron said, was the most narcissistic leader he had ever met. He never lost an opportunity to lecture them on the virtues of the US democracy, which he believed to be the mother of all democracies.

“My foot,” Cameron said, “does not the young man know that the UK is a thousand years old?”

The issue raised by French leader General Charles de Gaulle (1960) in his own words is that of all the European races, the Americans are barbaric, a-historical, tempestuous over non issues, a nation, he said that has become senile without ever maturing.

South Africa’s Nelson Mandela was visiting in 1994. The whole of Washington was agog with the story of Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton’s manhood on her underwear. Mandela, requested an audience with Speaker Tip O’Neal, the famous Irishman.

“Do you tell me that this great country, this great Congress (450 men and women) have no weightier business than to look at a woman’s underwear?” Mandela asked O’Neal.

To what purpose?

The earliest the US senate can hear the charge against Trump is the 19th of January. At mid-night hour, the Praetorian Guard (Caesar’s Guard) will take the keys of the White House from President Donald Trump to Vice President Joe Biden. The chief justice will be in attendance.

Consider this. What is the purpose of the impeachment of Trump now?

Apparently ignorant of the classical wisdom of Aristotle and Cicero that the wise ruler is he who treads softly in the median line, guided by the cardinal virtues, temperance, prudence, justice, and fortitude.

People who do not study history should be shot. They place events out of context. Peace.
Indeed to what purpose, I say.