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Tafadzwa Chivaura: ‘The life of Zimbabweans under notorious Mnangagwa regime’

By Tafadzwa Chivaura

Everyday I wake up from my sleep early in the morning and start thinking about the cumulative trauma and the daily anxiety that the people of Zimbabwe are going through because of the repressive Zanu PF regime.

Tafadzwa Chivaura is the MDC UK and Ireland Province - Youth Assembly Treasurer
Tafadzwa Chivaura is the MDC UK and Ireland Province – Youth Assembly Treasurer

I always think so deeply such that at times I cannot bear the pressure that I will be going through. Sometimes I walk out of the house, and start roaming around the streets faced by a great deal of confusion. When I roam the streets, it’s not because I will be exercising but this will be a way of trying to ease myself from too much stress and anxiety.

I always think about the destruction that has been caused by Zanu PF to our beloved country. Corruption, mismanagement and looting of the state resources, human rights abuses, and judicial abuse have become the daily bread for Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration and its cronies.

The Mnangagwa regime has greatly insulted our nation and has caused too much physical and mental suffering to the people of Zimbabwe. The majority of Zimbabweans have gone through a very tough time such that the remainder of their joy and hope for the future has been permanently destroyed by the incompetent coup government.

Everyday the people of Zimbabwe are living through fear of the unknown and this has taken a heavy toll on their mood and health. Zimbabweans’ problems have grown and mutate into horrible worries and anxieties. Lurching from one crisis to another, and living in a distressing environment that is flooded by a slew of difficulties have become the norm of the day.

Since the attainment of the country’s independence, Zanu PF has managed to create a tense political atmosphere in which the scales of justice are unevenly balanced.

Creation of a one party state has been one of the Zanu PF regime’s wishes and even up to now, this evil regime is still fighting very hard to make sure that Zimbabwe becomes a one party state. If we take a glimpse at the justice delivery system in Zimbabwe, we can see that those who oppose Zanu PF are labelled as the enemies of the state and they are inhumanely treated as compared to the minority Zanu PF elites who cannot be held liable to any violation of the law.

The Zimbabwe situation has gotten to a stage in which citizens are exasperated with Zanu PF’s rule with a fist. The Mnangagwa regime has captured the judicial system and they are using it as a weapon to clamp down the voice of reason. Those who are perceived to be government critics are unjustifiably arrested and taken to the notorious Chikurubi Security Maximum Prison.

Holding placards, writing tweets or whatsapp messages demanding the government to end human rights violations is considered a serious offence in Zimbabwe. Every month we witness several occasions in which all government critics are treated as dangerous criminals and they appear to court in leg irons.

The public healthcare system has deteriorated and the situation is so dire such that hospitals are now a death trap. There are no essential medical supplies and equipment such as medication, personal protective clothing, hospital beds, ventilators, and even ambulances.

About US$60 million that was meant to buy Covid-19 medical supplies and equipment was looted by the Former Minister of Health – Obadiah Moyo and the dodgy businessman – Delish Nguwaya, but nothing has been done by the Mnangagwa government recover the looted funds. These two criminals are walking scot-free and their case has been swept under the carpet.

The notorious behaviour on the citizenry by the Mnangagwa regime is totally uncalled for. Therefore, it’s now high time to stand up and fight for what is right in a peaceful manner. We should all be united and cherish to build an ideal Zimbabwe that’s full of democracy in which we live together in harmony and with equal opportunities.

I strongly believe that if we put our heads together and work as a unified team that believes in justice and democracy, we will be able to rescue our nation from the political and socio-economic injustices that was created by Zanu PF.

Tafadzwa Chivaura is the MDC Alliance UK and Ireland Youth Assembly Treasurer. He is also a member of the MDC Alliance National Youth Assembly Council.

You can follow him on twitter: @tafadzwachivau1