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Young Igwe to drop fifth album

By Michael Magoronga

Sungura artiste, Peter Moyo aka Young Igwe, is set to release his fifth album in April if all goes according to plan.

Sungura artiste, Peter Moyo aka Young Igwe
Sungura artiste, Peter Moyo aka Young Igwe (Picture by Pixie Boys)

Recently, Young Igwe dropped a single titled Chinokanganwa idemo which will be part of the upcoming album titled Maricho kwaMoyo.

The album, according to the artiste, is going to feature different artistes hence its title which loosely translates to working together.

“The album’s name, Maricho kwaMoyo says it all as I’m going to work with different people on this project. If all goes well, about four guitarists and three big musicians will work with us on this project,” he said.

He said fans will have to wait a bit longer to find out which artistes are featured.

“We’ll reveal the names of the artistes soon with hope that people will enjoy the album that’s being produced at K.O.M Studio by Oscar ‘Oskid’ Chamba and Knowledge ‘Crossbar’ Nkoma who produced our recent single, Chinokanganwa Idemo,” said the Sungura Bae, Young Igwee’s other moniker.

Nkoma is Sulumani Chimbetu’s Dendera Orchestra Kings lead guitarist.

Young Igwe however said his band, Utakataka Express, will play a major role on the production of the album.

“Spencer Khumulani, Evidence Tarabuku, Saviours Karikodzi, Emmanuel Sanjeni, Matthew Perego, Gift Katulika and Donald Mashiri will be our main foundation on this project despite others coming in to feature on the album,” he stressed.

The Young Igwe has, since taking over from his father in 2011, released four albums — Mushonga Mukuru (2013), Mabasa aMwari (2015), Mopao Mokonzi (2017) and Mwana WeMurozvi (2019). The Chronicle