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Chamisa pays tribute to politically conscious youths braving state violence

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

Opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has paid tribute to Zimbabwean youths who are engaging in politics despite fighting a State that uses “violence” to silence the opposition.

Leader of Zimbabwe's biggest opposition party, Nelson Chamisa is seen during an interview with the Associated Press in Harare, Thursday, March, 8, 2018. Chamisa is a charismatic lawyer and trained pastor who seeks to capitalize on goodwill towards his deceased predecessor and highlight the past of his military backed opponent, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.(AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)
Leader of Zimbabwe’s biggest opposition party, Nelson Chamisa is seen during an interview with the Associated Press in Harare, Thursday, March, 8, 2018. (AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

In a statement seen by Nehanda Radio on Thursday, Chamisa hailed the young people who are politically conscious in Zimbabwe.

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“One of the things that please me a lot is seeing a younger generation coming up and carrying the torch in politics. This is how strong institutions grow and I want to pay special tribute to the young people of Zimbabwe whose political consciousness is growing.

“The journey has had seminal moments, some positive, and others negative. Both types have been important learning experiences. Some of these challenges have been read as representing existential threats to the organization, but we overcame them.

“We survived the loss of our founding father by going on to amass the largest electoral votes in the history of the opposition and had we not been cheated; we would have prevailed.

“It is a testament to the strength of the idea, the abiding loyalty of the people to the cause, and the abundance of their political wisdom that the party has withstood severe tests.

“Even when we have been written off by our doubters, we have shown our mettle and surprised them, disappointing rivals along the way,” he said.

Chamisa reminded his followers of the “unconstitutional” recalls of more than 35 MDC Alliance MPs, councillors and senators by MDC-T leaders, Thokozani Khupe and Douglas Mwonzora.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s under-fire administration has already installed Khupe as leader of the opposition in Parliament despite the fact that she was rejected by the electorate in 2018 when she garnered 45 000 votes against Chamisa’s 2,1 million votes 

“Many of you have seen what has happened in the past year. Our rivals have used multiple tricks in the dictators’ handbook, in a calculated and relentless effort to undermine our party. Using apparatuses of the state, and under the cover of what has been described as lawfare, they have robbed us of our legislators, councillors, and funds that were due to us under the law.

“In a direct subversion of democracy, they have even catapulted into Parliament undeserving individuals whom you as voters rejected in the last election. The assault upon democracy has been vicious, but we are undaunted.

“As a party, we know that the purpose of these strategies is not just to undermine us, but it is also intended to obliterate us from the political landscape. ZANU PF has never been comfortable with strong opposition. They aim to build an opposition that they control. This is the sole purpose of the project that they have moulded with our erstwhile colleagues.

“These were deliberate acts of provocation, designed to lure us into conduct that would justify violent repression during the pandemic. We have remained calm and resolute, not because we are unable to respond, but because we know the game they are playing.

“We also remain true to our founding principle: we are committed to achieving change through peaceful and non-violent means,” he said. Nehanda Radio