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Uebert Angel Foundation in R200 000 Christmas cash giveaway

After commiting over USD$1 million to funding coronavirus relief in Zimbabwe, Prophet Uebert Angel is giving away R200 000 Christmas cash via his social media platforms starting today.

Lucky watchers of his sermons stand a chance of getting their hands on the money. The sermons will be broadcast on the Nehanda Radio and ZimCelebs Facebook pages tonight.

The giveaways are sponsored by his charitable Uebert Angel Foundation, which has spent the last 7 months distributing mealie meal to thousands of people in over 70 locations in Zimbabwe. 

“It’s not a competition you are not going to answer any Bible question but as you watch in your comments we will find ways of seeing who needs cash the most,” the foundation said.

In April this year you will remember the Spirit Embassy: GoodNews Church founder and his wife Beverly also gave out money to users of their photo and video-sharing social network AtomGram.

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Although the live broadcast was streamed to YouTube and Facebook among other platforms, lucky winners had to be registered users of AtomGram and be watching the LIVE broadcast from there.