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WATCH: Moana’s mother says her daughter’s clothes are hers too

Yolanda Kuvaoga, mother of the late video vixen and fitness trainer Michelle ‘Moana’ Amuli has addressed critics who’ve been accusing her of the rushing into taking over her daughter’s wardrobe instead of focusing on mourning her.

In a video filmed by H Metro, Kuvaoga said there is nothing wrong with her wearing her daughter’s clothes.

“Everyone knows that I’ve been wearing Moana’s clothes even before she died. At one point she came with her friend Lyn and gave me some clothes,” said Kuvaoga.

“When Moana was moving to South Africa she left me a lot of things. So what’s surprising now that I’m wearing her clothes because they belong to me?”

She also made it clear that her daughter would buy similar clothes and at times would pass on some clothes she didn’t want anymore.

“Even if you come to my house you will see that some of the clothes are Moana’s but some are just similar because she would buy similar clothes for both of us and sometimes would give me some of her clothes she didn’t wear anymore.”

“People should stop talking and concluding what they don’t know,” said Kuvaoga.

Moana’s mother became talk of the town after she and her ex-husband, Ishmael Amuli presented a divided front as they begun fighting over their late daughter.

They have publicly accused each other of trying to inherit properties and cars that have been left behind by their daughter.

Stirring up the drama Moana’s mother who had gunnered a good number of sympathizers showed up in public yesterday rocking one of her late daughter’s dresses.

Moana has not been laid to rest as the High Court has taken over the mandate to mediate in the family crisis and set a date for the burial.