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Shrine bust…Girlfriend pummelled by senator’s wife

By Danisa Masuku
An MDC-A senator from the Midlands had to dig deep and summon his athletic skills to survive a bashing after his wife caught him with his baby mama consulting at a prophet’s shrine.

Prophet Mduduzi Dube a.k.a Black Elisha
Prophet Mduduzi Dube a.k.a Black Elisha

The troubled senator had approached Prophet Black Elisha to sort out his sexual organ, which was ‘taking a nap’ every time he wanted to sleep with his wife.

While the troubled senator was pouring his heart out on how the problem started, his wife shockingly arrived at the shrine.

An insider who saw the whole mini-drama which lasted for almost 10 minutes, told B-Metro that the fuming wife charged at her husband, who was engrossed in consultation with the prophet.

“The senator was caught unawares. He panicked when his wife pounced on him. She shouted obscenities at him (husband). He tried to calm her down but his wife would not accept any of his pleas as she bashed him.

“Seeing that things had turned for the worst the senator was left with no choice but to show a clean pair of heels, leaving his baby mama at the mercy of the marauding woman who pummelled her,” said the privy source.

The prophet’s aides, the source said, had to intervene to save her from further beating.

“They whisked her away. The senator’s wife left in a huff,” said the source.

The senator grovelled at B-Metro, begging the publication not to run the story.

“My brother my marriage has been plunged into a sad chapter because someone locked my jewels and I had gone there to unlock it. But unfortunately someone tipped my wife and she caught me there,” he said.

He added: “Please kindly drop the story my brother because it has a potential of ruining my political reputation and social standing. I can do anything you want, please my brother . . . kindly drop the story.”

Prophet Black Elisha said: “I cannot comment on what happened. You better phone the concerned senator,” he said before terminating the call.

A source said after B-Metro recently carried a story of an MP who bayed for his girlfriend’s blood after it emerged that she locked him, a number of legislators and political figures lined up to seek the services of the prophet.

The baby mama said: “We have a child together and we went there to consult for my business and to sort out his manhood which he told me never rises to the occasion whenever he wants to sleep with his wife.

‘I’m bitter because his wife beat me for no reason and I’m not the one who caused problems in their marriage. What she does not know is that her husband confides a lot of things to me and we have been together for seven years,” she said.

The senator’s wife said: “I don’t talk about such matters in the media.’’ Please leave me alone.” B Metro