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“Zim Hip Hop will never be the same without Cal Vin”

As people are still trying to come to terms with the untimely death of rap king, lyricist Cal Vin, fellow rapper Tehn Diamond has said the country’s hip hop scene will never be the same following the demise of one of its drivers.

Tehn Diamond with Cal Vin
Tehn Diamond with Cal Vin

Tehn Diamond who is behind the hit Happy acknowledged that Zim Hip Hop only started to make inroads in the country following determination of the genre’s artistes with Cal Vin being among them.

He said Cal Vin proved to the country that the hip hop powerhouse was in Bulawayo, a move which saw more and more artistes from the city being recognised.

“This little thing of ours will always be worse off without you. You brought an energy none of us could deny. At a time when we thought hip-hop lived in Harare, you woke us all up and forced us to listen and respect the powerhouse that is Skies,” wrote Tehn Diamond on his Facebook page.

“This guy landed on the scene and changed the game forever. I was there thinking I was working and Cal Vin came and outworked everyone. We’ve definitely lost a pillar and a great example of talent, hard work and commitment.”

The artiste said he was sad as he did not get to record with Cal Vin. He however said he is confident that his legacy will live on.

“I regret that we never got around to finishing a record. But I’m so grateful for the spirit you brought to Zim Hip-Hop. Your focus and work ethic were unmatched. Your legacy is set and will live on. Thank you, now rest in power king.”

After watching Cal Vin rise to fame, most artistes from Bulawayo and other usually marginalised cities and towns realised that it was possible for them to also make it. Just this year alone, three hip hop artistes, Cal Vin, Asaph and Msiz’kay were nominated at the Zimas were they were up against each other showing their commitment. The Chronicle.