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Knowledge Hakata: Khupe an agent from hell sent to derail the people of Zimbabwe

By Knowledge Hakata

Politics in Zimbabwe can be easily compared to Nigerian Movies. It’s so predictable to the extent that even those who did not study politics (101) can tell you Zanu PF will win the 2023 harmonized elections and that after every three years the opposition MDC always splits.

Knowledge Hakata
Knowledge Hakata

I really don’t know how much the system normally gives these mercenaries in the opposition but what I know is money is always at the centre of all these splits.

For those who do not know the history of these money driven splits, they are traced back to the days of Gibson Sibanda when he left the party in 2005 with quite a number of Matabeleland opposition leaders who included Welshman Ncube, after that we had Job Sikhala who later formed his MDC 1999.

Tendai Biti followed after a fallout with Morgan Tsvangirai, Elton Mangoma as well and recently we have Thokozani Khupe, Dougie and Komichi. Zimbabweans should now know that all these opposition leaders are mercenaries who are controlled by money, so Khupe and her group are just enjoying what their former friends enjoyed in the past MDC splits which are state funds.

Khupe I don’t hate you but to be honest you are an idiot who doesn’t put people first but you have chosen to put your pocket first rather than the suffering Zimbabweans.

I have never seen a true leader who forces people to support her and if they fail to do that you recall them and that shows lack of leadership qualities and it also puts you in the same whatsapp group with your deity god President Mnangagwa who is funding you to impair the original opposition party in the country.

Most of the local councils are now on their knees as more than 80 councilors have been recalled just for not supporting this woman from Matabeleland.

People like Khupe are tainting the good image and leadership of the people from Bulawayo because if that’s the leadership to be expected from such a beautiful province then Zimbabweans should think twice before they elect such idiots like Khupe into higher government positions.

Khupe you are a disgrace to the people of Matabeleland as your legacy will be known for destroying the democratic struggle as well as eating with the enemy, Khupe you are nothing but an agent from hell who was sent to derail the people of Zimbabwe to attain their promised land early than latter.

Khupe has accepted the call to derail the people of Zimbabwe a better life, she has been on a rampant mission of not only recalling those who are genuine to the struggle but also making sure that Mnangagwa and his failed regime should retain power in 2023.

Zimbabwe has become an election country in which in the history of Zimbabwe’s elections we might witness more than a dozen plus by-elections all at the delight of Khupe and her mercenaries in the faces of Mwonzora, Mudzuri and Komichi.

Zimbabweans continue to be robbed of their bright future because leaders such as Khupe who are into politics for money and not for the people. Khupe got back into parliament by the back door so that she can represent her pockets not the people.

It’s high time the people of Zimbabwe should come together and unite for a specific cause which is to free them from a system that has destroyed the future of even the unborn babies.

Only unity of purpose will free Zimbabwe, not these money mongers like Khupe. A united Zimbabwe is the only way forward towards ending poor governance in Zimbabwe.

Knowledge Hakata is a contemporary Zimbabwean political analyst and can be contacted on email: [email protected] and mobile: +27610014147