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Al Hilal still assessing Songani

By Mehluli Sibanda

Zimbabwean striker Silas Songani is still in Sudan where he is being assessed by one of that country’s football giants, Al Hilal.

Edward Sadomba (left) with Last Jesi, George Deda and Silas Songani
Edward Sadomba (left) with Last Jesi, George Deda and Silas Songani

Songani has been in the North African country for over a week having travelled with another Zimbabwean player, Last Jesi, agent George Deda and ex-Warriors striker Edward Sadomba, a former Al Hilal player.

Jesi, on loan at FC Platinum from Manica Diamonds, officially signed for Al Hilal last Thursday on a three-year deal. Deda yesterday said Songani is still being looked at by the Al Hilal coaches who will have to make a decision in the coming days as the transfer window comes to a close.

According to Deda, Sadomba and him have been given the mandate to restructure Al Hilal.

“Silas Songani is still having a run. We have been mandated to rebuild the team with the special advisor Sadomba helping in every aspect,’’ Deda said.

The 31-year-old Songani joined FC Platinum at the beginning of the year on a two-year contract on his return to the country from Denmark, where he had been based since 2014. The Sunday News