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“Voters are not looking for victims but heroes” Chamisa urged to rebrand party

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

Respected political analyst Dr Phillan Zamchiya has urged MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa not to rely on public sympathy but to strategise and take action amid the political crisis that is rocking the main opposition party.

Dr Phillan Zamchiya seen here with opposition leader Nelson Chamisa
Dr Phillan Zamchiya seen here with opposition leader Nelson Chamisa

A few days ago, top MDC-T leader Morgen Komichi sensationally announced that the Thokozani Khupe led party would contest upcoming by-elections as well as the 2023 general election under the banner of the MDC Alliance.

Khupe recently chopped down more than 30 Members of Parliament (MPs) and councillors who registered support for the main opposition MDC Alliance and its leader Chamisa.

Harare City Council is now left with 27 councillors as 11 councillors were recently recalled by Khupe who accused them of supporting Chamisa.

Khupe got the powers to recall from a controversial Supreme Court ruling that declared Chamisa an illegitimate leader of the opposition MDC-T left by late former leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Zamchiya has urged Chamisa to make a decisive and bold response instead of waiting for public sympathy.

“The MDC Alliance can choose to wait to be liquidated to gain some public sympathy. But perpetual victimhood in politics can easily be construed as perpetual losing.

“To be seen to be doing nothing about it like a sheep going to the slaughter can draw sympathy but equally demoralize. Everyday news headlines that the MDC A is losing this or that can create high levels of public cynicism.

“In the end, voters don’t want candidates who put themselves at the mercy of fate. For voters are not looking for victims but heroes.They are not looking for despair but hope,” he said.

Given an indication that Khupe intends to annex the name MDC Alliance, many analysts have advised Chamisa to rebrand the name of his party.

Some have also advised not to succumb to the MDC-T pressure.

Another political commentator, Pride Mukono told Nehanda Radio that Chamisa should rename the party without changing its tact.

“I think he should change the party name, structure and networks

“He needs to call the social partners from the 1999 working people’s convention. Those are the true founders of the party and must usher a new direction for the movement.

“Just changing the party name without changing tact and building a strong movement will be shifting chairs in the deck of the sinking Titanic,” Mukono said.

But the MDC Alliance Secretary General Charlton Hwende has already dismissed a potential renaming of the party.

“Our goal currently is to ensure that the 2018 Mandate that was given to Nelson Chamisa is respected and the people’s will restored. We are not into the business of Branding. We are fighters fighting to restore the People’s Will and a People’s Government that was voted in 2018,” he said.

Rumours however, claim that the Chamisa and his presidium are about to approve Alliance for “Democratic Change” as the new name of their party. Nehanda Radio