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Mbeu fires backing vocalist

By Trust Khos

Crooner Ashton “Mbeu” Nyahora’s music romance with backing vocalist Felistus “Feli Nandi” Chipendo is over.

Mbeu and Feli Nandi on stage
Mbeu and Feli Nandi on stage

The ever bubbly backing vocalist who is famed for her trademark dreadlocks and African print designs announced her departure from the group over the weekend, leaving fans divided.

Some backed her move to leave Mbeu while others felt the decision was made in haste.

However, Feli Nandi’s camp and handlers are said to have backed the decision which is set to see her trying other new things.

“She was doing a great job and a number of collaborations with top artistes and it appears the management was unhappy with the stance.

“I hope it’s fine that mwana akurewo in this this industry so that the industry might grow. We will back her till she makes it to the top and were a behind her,” said one of the sources believed to be assisting Feli Nandi has she embarks on her solo career.

While Mbeu’s handers insist that they parted ways amicably, Feli Nandi issued a stamen which showed all was not well.

She even mentioned that she was expelled, a development Mbeu’ management dismissed as false.

“It is with great sadness that I announce my separation from Mbeu and the Mhodzi Tribe. Due to Management’s decision, l have been expelled from the group. I regard this decision with the utmost gratitude.

“It is never easy to say goodbye but on the same note I am eternally grateful for all the lessons I learnt, the nurturing, the guidance and the grooming I received from The Tribe in terms of music and so much more. I am the artist I am today because of all the great times we shared.

Thank you Mbeu and Team.

“Thank you all for the opportunity to learn and grow over the last two and half years.

Let the music continue.

“Love Always,” she wrote.

Contacted for comment, Mbeu’s manager and most trusted lieutenant Eugine Museredza insisted that there was no bad blood between them and Feli Nandi.

“We have seen her statement on social media but we didn’t want to comment on it because it would be interpreted differently.

“What we can say is that we really enjoyed working with her and she was a real assert to us.

“As expected, she told us that she wanted to start her solo projects and we gave her the greenlight to do so.

“She even did some of Mbeu’s cover versions and we were really happy with that because she was building her career,” he said. Responding to claims that she was fire, Museredza cleared their air.

“We did not expel her as she wrote and whoever penned that statement knows what they want to achieve.

“If we were cruel as portrayed in some circles, we could have barred her from doing collaborations or solo projects.”

Museredza said they began to question Feli Nandi’s commitment when she missed one of their shows at Theatre in the Park.

“She once missed a show at Theatre in the Park as she opted to attend recording session with Trevor Dongo on the same day we were performing.

“At first, we felt it was just a clash of programmes but we wanted her for our show because we had rehearsed together for that show.

“We had become a family and the door is still open if she wants our help or another chance with her.”

On her replacement, Museredza added:

“We are not in a hurry to replace her but so far there are more than eight girls who want to join us.

“Some of the ladies are not only backing vocalists but instrumentalists as well.”

Mbeu is one of the brightest students who passed through Oliver “Tuku”Mtukudzi’s great tutelage at Pakare Paye.

He has been doing a series of online gigs during the lockdown where he has managed to build a strong fan base.

Prior to the lockdown in March, Mbeu was one of the most touring artistes locally and in the sub-region.

Owing to his powerful songwriting technique, energy sapping performance and professionalism, Mbeu has been a regular performer at corporates functions, weddings and upmarket venues which had become a preserve for the elite. H-Metro