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Miner relives hired hit-men attack

By Freedom Mupanedemo

The Shurugwi miner, who recently survived an attack by three hit-men allegedly hired by his wife, yesterday said he was now recuperating at home and still coming to terms with his wife’s betrayal.

Mr Drick Mudzengi
Mr Drick Mudzengi

Mr Drick Mudzengi (26) was early this week abducted from his home in Makusha suburb, Shurugwi, by three suspects, one of whom was his wife, Chiedza Kwashira’s boyfriend.

The three, Justin Mpfeka and two others only identified as Nyasha and Lloyd, attacked Mr Mudzengi using machetes and knives before he was saved by some people that were passing by, who heard him screaming.

All the suspects, including Kwashira, are now on the run.

In an interview, Mr Mudzengi said he was still in a shock that his wife had planned to ‘eliminate’ him under cruel circumstances for the sake of her boyfriend.

“I thank God that I am alive, he said. The three were out to kill me, but God had other plans. They kidnapped me around 10pm and dragged me to a nearby bush and started attacking me all over the body using machetes.

They were also using some knives to stab me on the feet, but some Good Samaritans came to my rescue.”

Mr Mudzengi said he sustained broken ribs and one of his legs was badly damaged.

“I now have permanent injuries, I can’t walk and only God knows if I will fully recover, but I am still trying to understand why my wife wanted to have me killed,” he said.

“She was just supposed to ask for a divorce so she could move on, instead of seeking to end my life under such cruel circumstances when we have kids together.”

Mr Mudzengi said he was still traumatised by his experiences at the hands of the three suspects.

“Their intentions were clear, they were out to kill me because I tried to offer them money in a bid to save my life, but they told me they knew I had $150 only on me, he said.

They were very correct that I had that amount, meaning that they had some inside information.”

Mr Mudzengi said his wife has since disappeared and he was not sure why the police in Shurugwi had released her after initially bringing her in for questioning.

“She was initially taken by the police to Shurugwi Police Station, but only yesterday, some police officers came here looking for her, he said. I indicated to them that she never came back home and the rumour has it that she has already left the country.”

Police in Shurugwi yesterday confirmed they were now hunting for Kwashira and the three hit men she had allegedly hired. The Herald