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Freda Rebecca complies with cadestre system

Gold mining company, Freda Rebecca has started a process of updating its tribute claims and has invited tributors to submit their records.

Freda Rebecca Gold Mine
Freda Rebecca Gold Mine

The mining company has allocated some of its land to individuals, syndicates, trusts and companies to mine on its behalf.

In a public notice, Freda Rebecca said the tributors should ensure that their claim records were submitted by the 5th of next month.

“The mine is in the process of updating the electronic tribute claims records.

“All individuals, syndicates, trust and companies, which have tribute agreements with the mine are being called upon to submit copies of their tribute agreements with the mine and any receipts relevant to the agreement by the 5th of August 2020,” said the gold mining firm.

The tributors are required to send their scanned copies of the tribute agreements and any other relevant receipts to the company.

The updating of the electronic register system is part of Freda Rebecca’s compliance to the cadestre system.

A cadestre system is a computer-based and up to date land information system containing a record of interest in land such as owner’s rights, restrictions and responsibilities.

Towards the end of last year, the Government set itself an “early 2021” deadline by which it should have migrated from the current manual to the more efficient and computer-based cadastre system in the administration of mining titles.

It is believed that mining title administration is key towards the achieving of a successful mining industry particularly the US$12 billion annual export industry by 2023. The Chronicle