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‘We tried to help him but he is not organised,’ Passion Java slams his brother Simba

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

Flamboyant cleric, Prophet Passion Java has rejected reports that he was not helping his allegedly “homeless” brother Simbarashe (Simba) Java in South Africa claiming that he tried to send him back to Harare but he refused.

Passion Java and Simbarashe Java
Passion Java and Simbarashe Java

In a live broadcast on Thursday, Java dealt with several controversial issues precipitated by his young brother Simbarashe Java claiming that he was homeless and in need of support. He also spoke about his beef with Mai Tt, Apostle Talent Chiwenga and journalist Simba Chikanza.

Prophet Passion said the Java family tried to help bring back Simba from South Africa. He said they sent him money and paid rent for where he was supposed to stay but he eventually rejected the offer citing he had found a job in East London (South Africa).

“The story about Simba is very easy. I know I am the most talkative in the family. I am the loudest and I appear to be the richest. But when it comes to money Apostle Java made money long time back. Mavis Java is rich she actually donates, you see her on TV.

“Simba is one of the most intelligent in our family. It does not make sense that I being the youngest could be accused of failing to take care of my brother. What about my brother my mother. What about R187 000 we sent him that he finished within two months.

“I am the only person who does not understand school. I failed school not life. I used to be number 29 or 26 on end of term results. The mystery about this whole thing here is, I suggested and asked Simba to go back to Harare and he accepted.

“I sent him money for transport and Apostle Java rented him a house in Harare then he eventually said he got a job in South Africa the day he was supposed to go back to Zimbabwe.

“Well, that was his decision and all the money we sent him is no more. All that happened then we saw on his facebook page written,’ Twabam is giving other people money but fails to take care of his brother’.

“The reason why he came to Facebook with this issue is that Simba went to ZimEye not knowing that Simba Chikadzi (Simba Chikanza) had a grudge with me already and he took advantage for people to come and hear about Simba Java. Then he called and wrote all the lies about me.

“But does it make sense that Passion buys Uncle Epatan a BMW, Madam Boss a  Mercedes Benz and Enzo IShal another car but drives a 2011 car. Passion Java wears a US$ 10 000 jacket and drives a 2011 car. It does not add up. I think he just need to go to school. Let me tell you people, I am not perfect but I take care of my family and my families,” Java added.

Simba Java had in a video circulated on social media claimed that he was disappointed in his brother Passion because he has been refusing to help him go back to Zimbabwe. Nehanda Radio