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Juntal works on ‘mutupo’ remix

By Michael Magoronga

Self-proclaimed king of rhumba Juntal has bowed to pressure from the public and has decided to work on a remix of his hit track, Mutupo.

Coke on the Beat 09 December 2017 Butterphly and Juntal Interview
Coke on the Beat 09 December 2017 Butterphly and Juntal Interview

Juntal, whose real name is Farai Serima said the remix will also come with a video and is expected out by end of July.

He also said a dance competition is also on the cards that will take place across the country, going along with the track.

The hit song which praises different totems and how they can get down on the dancefloor, became a hit and is still being played in public functions, especially wedding ceremonies.

In the upcoming video, Juntal says it will come with a dance competition where each totem will be represented.

“I bowed to pressure from my fans and this remix is by public demand. We will be releasing the audio track by end of July then the video will be coming at the stage,” said Juntal.

He added: “In the video, we want to introduce a dance competition where by every totem will be represented by people from that totem. It will be like a dance competition and we want to see who does it better on the dance floor.”

He said, in due course, a real dance competition that will be launched and it will be taking place across the country.

“In the long run we are also planning a dance competition across the country were will be going round with every totem showcasing their talent. We will then have a national competition where we award the winning totem,’ said Juntal.

The self-proclaimed king of rhumba has three albums to his title. The Chronicle