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Full Text: Job Sikhala warns ‘arrogant’ Mnangagwa: ‘your end is nigh’

By Job Wiwa Sikhala

In my personal capacity as a duly elected National Vice Chairman of the MDC Alliance, it is my clear advice to you, that I refuse to be treated like a person belonging to an illegal political organization, the trend which you know was practised by the colonial governments of Edgar Whitehead, Ian Douglas Smith and successive outpost apartheid regimes of South Africa.

Job Sikhala and Emmerson Mnangagwa
Job Sikhala and Emmerson Mnangagwa

Political organizations as universitas at law, if you know what it means as you purport to be a lawyer whom I never heard once appeared before a kraalhead defending goat theft, are organisations formed and joined voluntarily.

Of recent past I discovered a dangerous path you want to take our country to bloodbath by your desperate attempt to take our country down the warpath. It has been always your traits from the liberation struggle via the Gukurahundi genocide to the mass murder of the MDC membership from 2000 up to present and your current attempts to annihilate us as an organization and destroy the will and aspirations our people and that of the generation of today.

You are systematically using our noble institutions of the State to try and totally destroy us. Unbeknown to you is that, the route you are traveling is tragic. I know you have got self delusions that you can kill, arrest and abduct anyone who will assert his or her fundamental right to express themselves against the desperate situation we are in as a country and as a people.

But let me warn you, your end is nigh. I once warned you during the Mugabe era that you are the most dangerous threat to our civilization as a people if we become unfortunate to be governed by you. It is now apparent to everyone including the most daft that you are a curse modern civilization.

You have destroyed the dignity of our people through your incessant persecution of alternative voices and criminalised them because you want to enjoy looting our National resources with your friends, family and cabal. I don’t think in your normal reflection of the situation you are proud of the coup you committed on the 17th of November 2017. You are now persecuting the organization I belong to on a daily basis for the dangerous reason you know best yourself alone.

I know there are many people in the organization you purport to lead who ridicule you to us on a daily basis and do not share your appetite to obliterate us as an alternative to your failed leadership of this country. Your belief that you will use our brothers and sisters in the security services to persecute our people will not work.

Repeating the same strategy all over again since we happen to know you won’t work forever. Let me warn you, people will bring it to a halt one day. You have been asked by many people and Men of God who care about you, to repent of which if you don’t, your end is nigh.

You can not continue seeing dead bodies since 1980 on your pleasure and on your name and proudly walk thinking you are god. There is one true God. And the ancestors of this land are not happy at all about what you are doing to its people. People are starving while you are eating like King Nebuchadnezzar. Millions of youths are unemployed and are surviving through ndokumbirawo dhora mudhara. It’s only one day when their anger explodes.

Don’t blame anyone but yourself and your arrogance that gives you false invincibility. Falling like a thud you shall. The institution of a family is crumbling because our people are migrating daily to Mozambique, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, DRC and other shameful destinations looking for life because you have destroyed any decency a normal person can have in this country. What kind of a shame are you that you don’t want to be challenged. Are you God??

I generally don’t dream falsehoods. When I am talking about dreams I am not talking about wishes. I am talking about a real dream.

Two nights ago I dreamt about you being viciously bitten by a swarm of bees. You tried to laugh at them saying nyuchi idzi dzinopenga but they continued coming for you heavily. When you tried to use your hand to swap them away I saw them biting your hand until it got swollen to the size of a drum. They continued biting you until you melted. Beware mene mene takil Falsin.

I urge you to resign as soon as possible to save yourself from the swan of bees. My dreams always come true Mr. Mnangagwa. You will remember me for this. Put it in your notebook. You will try to kill some but it won’t work for you. Our people have reached the breaking point.

Ndapedza newe.

Job ‘Wiwa’ Sikhala is the MDC Alliance National Vice Chairman