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Zifa Appeals Committee wants Banda reinstated

By Sikhumbuzo Moyo

The Zifa Appeals Committee is adamant that Zifa vice-president Gift Banda must be reinstated to his position despite the association’s lawyer Chenaimoyo Gumiro claiming the Bulawayo businessman remained suspended.

Zifa vice-president Gift Banda
Zifa vice-president Gift Banda

Banda, who was suspended one month into office in January 2019, faced a cocktail of charges from his executive committee colleagues, which included usurping powers of the executive committee, as enshrined in section 34(k) of the Zifa constitution that delegate the sole responsibility of appointing national team coaches and other technical staff to the Zifa executive committee and not individuals.

It was Zifa’s contention that Banda usurped powers of the technical development standing committee, whose role is to, among other things, recommend coaches, instructors and trainers to the executive committee, thus bringing confusion, disorder and chaos to the smooth administration of the game.

He was also accused of wilfully misrepresenting and lying to the public by making new appointments causing disaffection on the board, councillors, the the national team and technical set up.

This according to Zifa brought the game and association into disrepute at a time it was busy cleansing itself of all ills and attempting to attract corporate sponsorship.

The executive committee said through Banda’s actions of gross misconduct, he destabilised the team, lowered the morale at a time the team was just one game away from qualifying for the next Afcon edition.

All these and other allegations were, however, dismissed after the disciplinary committee found that Banda had only recommended and not effected any dismissals.

Zifa then appealed the disciplinary committee’s judgment to exonerate Banda, but the appeal was thrown out on a technicality by the Appeals Committee.

Zifa lawyer Gumiro told our Harare Bureau that Banda remained suspended, as his matter was still in the football courts.

However, Zifa Appeals Committe chairman Stead Kachere yesterday told Chronicle Sport that as far as they were concerned, Banda must now be reinstated.

“Our ruling was that since Zifa did not pay an appeal fee when it lodged its appeal, it’s as good as there is no appeal. The judgment of the Zifa disciplinary committee, therefore, remains effective. In other words, Banda should be reinstated to his position as Zifa vice-president,” said Kachere. The Chronicle