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Knowledge Hakata: Chamisa must not be fooled… numbers without political strategy are useless

By Knowledge Hakata

During my journey as a political student I have come across great politicians both late and alive, I have studied and mastered books by great philosophers such as Thomas Hobbes who happened to be one of my favorite political philosophers during my days at the university.

Nelson Chamisa and Douglas Mwonzora
Nelson Chamisa and Douglas Mwonzora

When great statesmen are mentioned the likes of the late Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Sankara, Morgan Tsvangirai, the list is endless but the question is what separated these men from boys like Nelson Chamisa. In politics the end justifies the means.

I once met Douglas Mwonzora in 2012 and even asked him for a pic together, to me he was an icon fighting for millions of Zimbabweans during the Constitutional making process, I really don’t have anything against this man but one thing for sure that I know is that he is on a mission not just to destroy Chamisa but to wipe out the MDC brand name for good.

Mwonzora doesn’t have the numbers but he has the strategy, while Chamisa is the opposite of Mwonzora, the charismatic youthful leader has the numbers but he has no strategy at all and this has been seen by all his responses towards Zanu PF.

In short Chamisa has failed to defeat Zanu PF both on the ballot and in the courts, the only route now left for him is to go into the streets and that door is still open.

Zanu PF has captured the judiciary, police, army and the intelligence, and slowly they are capturing the citizens using the old political gimmick of fear. But why does Chamisa continue to go to the same courts that are captured? Simple the guy lacks political strategy.

Chamisa is totally clueless on how he can defeat Zanu PF and he has inherited the same ideologies that were used by the late Morgan Tsvangirai.

The Zanu PF strategy to destroy MDC did not start today it has a long history, but this time around they are determined to wipe it for good, I’m not so sure whether the death of Tsvangirai marked the end of the mainstream MDC but Zanu PF is on a radical movement to destroy this party for good.

Chamisa will soon be deserted by the majority of his MPs, and that will mark the demise of this young cleric, after that his political survival will start to wither as he is a man of words but zero action at all, while he underestimates Mwonzora and crew at his own risk, those guys are on a serious mission, to feed their stomachs and make sure that they starve Zimbabweans.

As the leader of the main opposition I think the time for words is over Mr. President, you now need to accompany your words with serious action, don’t even dream of 2023 its too far and you will lose again and after that you will turn yourself into a young opposition dictator.

Mwonzora and his team have deserted you because they have seen a shortcut to enter into the government, they have discovered that it’s easy to become a Government Minister if you only dine with your enemy, while it is also easy to loot when you are in Government.

Recently Chamisa reshuffled his cabinet a norm that is usually associated with Zanu PF, but is that the real problem definitely no, the guy just lacks political strategy and the majority of the people around him are also politically blank on how they can take on Zanu PF.

Innocent Zimbabweans continue to suffer because of a clueless, corrupt government and lack of strategy in the main opposition, Zimbabweans be warned, both these two animals Zanu PF and MDC will not bring the change that is overdue in Zimbabwe, a 3RD FORCE IS NOW NEEDED.

Knowledge Hakata is the founder of Demos Cratos a Human Rights organization and can be contacted on [email protected] / +27610014147 on WhatsApp.