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Kennedy Kaitano: Senator Mwonzora, please listen to Senator Komichi regarding quorum

Dear Editor,

Reinstated MDC-T 2014 Deputy Chairman, Senator Morgen Komichi knows very well when meetings can make binding decisions, that, is, when there is a quorum.

Douglas Mwonzora and Morgen Komichi
Douglas Mwonzora and Morgen Komichi

Senator Komichi is quoted by a local weekly publication saying the Standing Committee of the MDC-T 2014 structures had not met because they needed enough officers from the 2014 standing committee members in order to form a quorum that can make binding decisions.

However, Senator Douglas Mwonzora doesn’t seem to have the same level of wisdom in that regard as he insists the Whatsapp “Council” meeting held by the faction he belongs to can make legitimate decisions when it did not have a quorum.

Senator Mwonzora told a local daily publication that a request by 158 out of the 191 members of the MDC-T 2014 structures for the standing committee to meet and discuss the Supreme Court ruling and the proposed Extra-Ordinary Congress that the request was ““too little too late” since another national council meeting had already set the date for the court-directed extraordinary congress” – what an arrogant Senator who is supposed to be a professional lawyer and purports to uphold constitutionalism.

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Slow down Senator Mwonzora and listen to what Senator Komichi tells you about quorums be they for MDC-T 2014 structures National Council or Standing Committee business.

Senator Mwonzora should know very well that it doesn’t pay to make short cuts, as proved by Elias Mashavira in his court bid. I would encourage all people who Senator Mwonzora may listen to, and this includes Dr. Khupe the Acting MDC-T (Tsvangirai) President, Senator Elias Mudzuri, Advocate Obert Gutu, Senator Morgan Komichi, Professor Lovemore Madhuku among others.

And especially for Dr. Khupe, the Supreme Court ruling mandates you to lead this process, so do not allow Senator Mwonzora to spoilt it for you. He may have his own unconstitutional agenda which could tarnish your image, so please deal with him.

And remember Dr. Khupe, that Section in terms of section 6.2.6 of the Constitution, decisions pertaining to the holding of an Extra-Ordinary Congress shall be made and communicated to members the National Council, and Council means a properly constituted council with a quorum, and anything short of that is not legitimate.

Also note, Dr. Acting President Khupe, that according to Section of the MDC Constitution, An emergency National Council Meeting may be convened on the basis of a petition signed by at least one third of the members of the National Council provided that at all material times only the President or any person specifically delegated in writing by him or her shall have the right at any time of convening a meeting of the National Council

Senator Mwonzora wants to parade himself to the world as a champion for constitutionalism and rule of law, yet he does not respect constitutional requirements for Quorum. Senator Mwonzora, my advice to you is you can’t have it both ways, and please note that the world is watching. Do the right thing to follow the constitution.

Failure to follow the constitution does not produce an MDC-T that fits the Supreme Court judgement, and any product of the Extraordinary Congress that does not meet the specific processes laid out in the constitution will not be the MDC-T that is not in line with the Constitutional Court ruling, and therefore cannot purport to the Party that Elias Mashavire took to court.

Kennedy Kaitano