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Shabanie Mine insist they are the oldest football club in Zimbabwe

By Ngqwele Dube

Arguments of who is older always erupt among peers in a community with being older equated to more respect and extra wisdom.

Shabanie Mine FC supporters
Shabanie Mine FC supporters

More often the one who is older leads. In local football circles, Highlanders have always been touted as the oldest football club in the country, a statement that has been repeated so often and carried in the media the whole football landscape.

An article on Monday in The Herald by football pundit Charles Mabika titled “Bosso eye 100, but did you know this?” repeats this legend with the first of the 20 facts about Bosso stating “Bosso are the oldest football club in the country after having been founded in 1926 by two brothers, Albert and Rhodes who were the grandsons of King Lobengula.”

Shabanie Mine have, however, come out to say this should be corrected as they are the oldest team and have watched quietly while Bosso are being touted as the oldest football club in the country.

Former secretary, Pithias Shoko said Bosso being one of the top three traditional giant of local football and being more illustrious it would be futile to get into a debate on who is older but having been formed in 1914 Bvaru Bvaru are 12 years older than Amahlolanyama.

“In a family you might have a second-born who achieves more than the first-born and becomes successful in life leading to his voice being weighty in family gatherings and generally being seen as the leader within the family.

“It happens and I think in this situation the Bosso brand is bigger and they are more successful and have a bigger following hence it is easy for people to accept it without questioning they are the oldest team in the land,” said Shoko.

He also said the fact that the media generally give acres of space to the traditional big three in the land, Highlanders, Dynamos and Caps United as being the most supported they obviously attract more readers. Shoko said he cannot fault the media but it was their responsibility to write factually.

He also laid the blame on his club, which is now in the Central Region Division One, for failing over the years to commemorate their anniversary hence struggling to bring to the public their years in existence.

Shoko said it was unfortunate the former Premiership side turned 100 years in 2014 but did not make any pomp and fanfare about the century achievement, something that would have let the world know when they came into being.

“We could have done a lot, made some noise, maybe the country would have heard us and come to know how old we are. I think even now more can be done. We should have used winning the 2013 BancABC Sup8r Cup to catapult celebrations but we relaxed.

“But in terms of support, I believe we are the fourth most supported team in the country and even Premiership champions and cross town rivals (FC Platinum) know we can attract huge crowds at our games. It is unfortunate we are struggling with the mine having been closed and we do not have adequate funding to rise but the team will soldier on,” he said.

According to findglocal.com Shabanie Mine FC were formed in 1914, 106 years ago by African Consolidated Resources (ACR) as part of the social activities for the mine’s workforce. Sunday News