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Jah Prayzah cancels live stream launch

By Trust Khosa

Jah Prayzah’s handlers say they cancelled the livestream launch of their album in solidarity with the world grappling with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) which has claimed many lives.

Jah Prayzah
Jah Prayzah

Initially, the public launch of Jah Prayzah’s 10th album – Hokoyo – had been set for April 3 at Alex Sports Club before it was cancelled.

The public launch was cancelled following a Government directive to bar public gatherings of more than 50 people.

After the cancellation, Jah Prayzah’s top brass opted for a livestreaming event on March 31 which was also postponed as it coincided with the 21-day lockdown pronounced by the President.

As such, the talented crooner’s top brass decided to put everything on hold to observe the 21-day lockdown process.

In an interview, Jah Prayzah’s manager and most trusted lieutenant Keen Mushapaidze confirmed the latest developments.

“We are no longer launching the album via live streaming on Tuesday as we had planned before due to the 21-day lockdown and of course Covid-19 which is now a global issue.

“We are indoors and take all the necessary precautions to contain the spread of Covid-19.

“Once the situation recedes or stops, a major public launch will be announced,” he said.

Mushapaidze said Jah Prayzah’s 10th album deserved a special launch and they would take their time put together a proper launch.

“We could have launched the album last year but there are a few things that we have been waiting for to be sorted out.

“I still believe that a mega launch will still happen but the situation is beyond our control.

“Once the 21 days pass, we will map a way forward and see how best we can map a way forward.

“To our fans who have been looking forward to this album, we urge them to be patient until the situation is normal.”

On how they were going to prevent leakages of some of their new songs, he said:

“We have done everything we can to avoid leakages but as you know, it’s difficult to rule out that if big companies like Sony and Samsung have been affected by similar problems of leakages.

“In our case, we hope our team will help us contain that and we hope nothing like leakages will ever happen to us.

“If it happens, we will start from there and see how best it can be tackled for the future.” H-Metro