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Simenti cushioned by diversity

By Nyasha Kada

Musician and song writer, Bothy Simenti, says diversity has managed to keep him going through these tough times of the corona pandemic.

Bothy Simenti in the studio with Potato
Bothy Simenti in the studio with Potato (Picture by Classic263)

Simenti who is also into farming and transport business apart from music says his other businesses has helped him fend for his family in hard times.

Many artistes have been affected by the pandemic that has seen the ban of shows.

“Besides music I do farming and transport business so I haven’t really felt the pinch.

“I feel for fellow musicians right now because business is really down and most survive with shows,” said Simenti.

He added:

“In future I urge fellow artists to have something to fall back on apart from just music.

“We have to urge each other as artistes to engage in other projects or business that can pay bills and fend for our families apart from music.

“We all have different talents and it best to use them to fend for ourselves. ”

Simenti urged Zimbabweans to take the 21 day lockdown serious so that the pandemic can be contained.

“It’s important we take this lockdown seriously so we fight the spread of the virus,” he said. H-Metro