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Sithole rejects claims MDC youths want him out for being “too soft”

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Youth Assembly chairperson Obey Sithole has rejected reports that the party is working on dethroning him over allegations of being “too soft” to confront ZANU PF, adding that these were ruling party plans to destabilise the opposition party.

Obey Sithole
Obey Sithole

In an interview with Nehanda Radio, Sithole said the accusations were made by people who want to destabilise the main opposition party and with a “natural hate” of the leader of the youth wing.

“To start with, the phrase “too soft” as used by the unknown or imaginary source is subjective, it cannot be quantified. As such I take such comments as the work of hate and insincerity meant to derail the people’s struggle.

“The things that are cited are just but a confirmation of two issues that the person is driven by natural hate of my person or s/he is deeply detached from real developments within the assembly,” Sithole said.

According to media reports, plans to dethrone Sithole were afoot as shown by the flash demonstration which took place in Harare last week while he was out in Germany. 

The last demonstration of the opposition youth resulted in the arrest of Youth Assembly spokesperson Stephen Chuma, among other members who are believed to be part of the radical camp.

He is also accused of failing to provide leadership of the Youth Assembly unlike his predecessor Happymore Chidziva popularly known as Bvondo.

Sithole however, claimed to have led many demonstrations and he dismissed any comparisons with Bvondo citing that he was his political mentor.

“The assumption that a flash demonstration that took place in my absence shows that am “too soft” is misplaced. If anything, it proves that the assembly which I lead is a formidable team that compliments each other.

“In any case it is not the first time when such demonstrations have taken place, so many have taken place in my presence. Thus, I don’t know why it has suddenly become an issue on this one which took place when I was out of the country on party business.

“It is even ridiculous for one to think of comparing me with Bvondo. He served for 5 years and I have served for less than a year so far, obviously no sane person would want to compare achievements of such significant differences in lengthy of service.

“Moreover, Bvondo is a man of his own mold and I am me regardless of the fact that he is one of the few people who have sacrificed a lot in making me politically.

“Infact, Bvondo is one of the greatest Youth Commanders the MDC has been blessed with and comparing me with him is futile at this current juncture,” he added.

Sithole has accused the state of trying to fight the MDC leader Nelson Chamisa through the youth Assembly.

He told Nehanda Radio that the party had recently gone through the formative stage of his Chairmanship and now it is rolling out the implementation phase, “therefore current comparisons defy logic.”

“By looking at the story, I can see the hand of the state all over and their intentions are clear, they want to destroy the people’s project by dividing the party leadership.

“It is trying to create an impression that there are major rifts within the cockpit which is non factual, baseless and deserving condemnation.

“Those against the Presidency of Advocate Nelson Chamisa are working overtime, attempting to destabilize the democratization project led by our President and have unfortunately targeted the Youth Assembly with malice. The Youth Assembly stands united in our support for President Nelson Chamisa.

“So the very same people who are peddling such nonsense must at the very least be courageous enough to bring out their identity.

“A person who is too weak to bring his/her identity has no locus standi to speak about the “softness” of those who have chosen to put their lives on the line in the fight for freedom,” Sithole added. Nehanda Radio