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Ndux Junior cancels shows after accident

By Bongani Ndlovu

Rhumba artiste, Ndux Junior, has had to cancel some of his festive season shows after four of his Batshele Brothers Band members were involved in an accident that left two of them in a critical condition last week.

Ndux Junior
Ndux Junior

The accident which occurred just before Gwanda last Tuesday left one band member with a broken leg while the others sustained multiple injuries.

The musician who has been in South Africa for a series of shows said the accident happened as the band members were returning home from the neighbouring country.

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“The guys were travelling to Bulawayo from South Africa so we had provided transport through umalayitsha.

‘‘The following day, I received a phone call that my boys had been seriously injured in the accident.

“My drummer Lawrence Moyo and rhythmist Oratile Moyo were badly hurt,” said Ndux Junior.

The two are admitted at Grey and Ellis Wards at United Bulawayo Hospitals respectively.

Ndux Junior said eye witnesses said the vehicle overturned because the malayitsha was trying to avoid another vehicle that had encroached onto their lane.

“ What I gathered from witnesses is that there was a car on the opposite lane that was trying to overtake another on a curve.

‘‘This caused the driver of the kombi to try and avoid it and in that process, the malayitsha, who was pulling a trailer, overturned,” said Ndux Junior.

He said he was devastated that his band members were in a critical condition during a period when doctors locally are seemingly on a go slow.

“Since last week, only one has had their X-ray done. I think it’s because of the doctors’ strike. This incident has distressed me so much,” he said.

Because of this mishap, Ndux Junior said he has since cancelled some shows as the members that were hurt are very integral to the band.

“This is a major drawback since I have to find other guys to temporarily replace the injured. I’ve even opted to cancel other shows to spend time with them in the hospital,” said Ndux Junior. The Chronicle