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Yaya Rudo: Stop flushing away your medication – lemonade makers decide to heal

By Yaya Rudo

When my sister went to nursing school she was completely oblivious of the fact that not every patient wanted to heal. She had an opportunity to work in a rich people private hospital, best doctors and out of this world facilities.

Yaya Rudo
Yaya Rudo

There was a doctor for everything under the sun and complicated tests and experiments done to save life. People were paying top dollar to be in top notch wards ,yet a good number of patients flushed their medication in the toilet while others would hide it under the pillow and confess to taking their medication religiously.

I think it is a fair assumption to think every patient wants to heal, it was therefore a weird experience and revelation that one could be in hospital but not wishing to heal. Some had accepted death was eminent; some felt taking pills and injections daily was too much work. Some were in so much pain they had chosen death as a good way out of pain.

 You can think of many more reasons not to heal  but the thing is fighting for healing and doing everything humanly possible to heal became a choice. When you decide to go with healing choices you follow the doctor’s orders, you do what is within your control to get better. You will do the basics like taking the tablets three times a day, eat the vegetables horrible as they may taste!

Emotional wounds are not any different. We have to decide to let go, it does not mean it did not hurt but we can stop the hurt from hurting us going forward. Some people hold on to past hurts like a diamond. You hear a 50 year old dwelling on hurtful stuff from when they were 8.

Vakazondi dai , vakazonditi ( they did this and that to me). It adds no value. They continue to carry the pain instead of choosing to heal. When we refuse to heal emotionally those who hurt us win twice 20 years ago and now. You heal for you because you count. Choosing to heal is not being weak, it is probably the boldest thing you will do before year end.

I do not know who hurt you and when you were hurt. It may be fresh or old hurt but I encourage you to make the choice to start healing. Decide to forgive, decide to move on, decide to make a fresh start decide to ask for help and finally decide to share your story.

When life gives you lemons you can only start making lemonade effectively when you are healed from the inside. As you read this move in to action and reclaim your position as a healed person. Stop throwing medication away.

I raise my glass to lemonade makers who choose to heal.

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