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Letter from America with Ken Mufuka: President Trump is being lynched in broad daylight!

By Ken Mufuka

The last person to be officially lynched was a Chicagoan, 14 year old brother, Emmett Till who was visiting his grandmother in Mississippi on August 28, 1955.

Ken Mufuka
Ken Mufuka

Emmett’s case is illustrative of US President Donald Trump’s case. Emmett, a city boy went into a corner store and made a facial expression to the white female store keeper.

For a Negro boy, to make a facial expression to a white “lady” was tantamount to getting out of class. The punishment was death by hanging. No further evidence was needed other than the word of the white woman.

About thirty minutes ago, US Congressional Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that “Trump faces charges more grave than covering up an affair. The facts are uncontested. The president abused his powers. Today, I am asking our chairmen to proceed with impeachment against Trump.”

Trump, a New Yorker street billionaire fighter, does not belong to the ruling class. In 2016, the elites, who constitute a federation of interested parties in the military, the Foreign Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the politicians, both Republican and Democrat, saw him as an intruder. He must be stopped.

By winning the election on November 9, 2016, Trump had committed the worst sin of his life. If you read carefully the timeline, you will come to the conclusion that conspirators in the FBI, led by Director James Comey, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and two zealous cut-throat senior attorneys, Peter Strzok and his paramour, Lisa Page started plotting Trump’s downfall.

They had assumed that with their preparations, Trump would receive one vote against Ms. Hillary Clinton’s 100 million (their words).

Macbeth a tragedy!

As the story unfolded about August 2015 to April 15,  Strzok and Page exchanged emails about their work in protecting Hillary Clinton from her email scandal.  In May, 2016, the cabal wrote the conclusion that while Hillary had been “negligent” negligence was not prosecutable because her motives were above board.

A witch, as in Lord Macbeth’s tragedy, had assured them that Trump was no threat to Hillary. But, just to be sure, on July 26, 2016, Strzok and Page discussed the entry of a new judge, Rudy Contreras into the mix. The judge was known to Strzok.

“I need to get together with him (Judge Contreras)” wrote Page to her lover, Strzok.

Later, the judge presided over a FISA application that permitted surveillance of Trump’s campaign.

July 26, 2016

“Yeah, it is pretty cool. Clinton has to just win now. I got a flash of nervousness yesterday about trump. (Trump was spelled with a small t.)”

Reply: “I am not.” Strzok replied.

August 6, 2016

Page is still nervous. The election campaigns are now on their last quarter. Page assures Strzok why providence has chosen him for such a time as this, to protect the world from the menace. (Read between the lines).

“Maybe you are meant to stay where you are because you are meant to protect the country from that menace.” Page is really assuring herself that Trump will never be elected president.

She adds an ominous note. “The potential threat to national security that Trump (poses) to Russian investigation is true.” (sic)

This was a default position Trump’s enemies were to return to for the next three years. Trump was a Russian agent, they claimed. That was an accusation they made, which they pulled out of a magician’s hat.

“So when I see menace, I, you know, is that Trump, is that Russian interference it (is) the combination of the two?” Strzok gave an unsatisfactory answer.

Page wanted a more definitive assurance that Trump would be prevented from being elected. Page insisted and demanded a double assurance.

“Trump not ever going to be president? Right!” Page insisted.

Strzok now rose to the occasion. “No! No He is not. We will stop it.”

At this time, August 2016, the campaign is heating up, tempers are rising, and the FBI is keeping its spying under wraps.

Hillary, at this time, kept an even bigger secret, the October surprise. Somebody, on a private airline to California, Trump as recorded saying as a rich boy he was able to take liberties with women, “grab them” which way and get away with it.

Put Strzok put the final touch. “I am afraid we can’t take that risk (of Trump being elected). I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office (Andrew McCabe was Deputy Director FBI) that there is no way he gets elected. But I am afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event” that Trump is elected.

Did President Barack Obama know these shenanigans?

September 2, 2016. “Potus  ) wants to know everything we are doing.” Strzok wrote. (Potus is the nickname for the president.)

The October surprise made no difference to the mood of the electorate. At this time, the New York Times editorial staff was alarmed also. Despite their fake polls indicating 104 percent Hillary win, and the fact that Hillary had already hired a celebration ship in the New York harbor, something was wrong.

In Macbeth’s story, the witch had told Macbeth that unless the forest came to him, he was safe. Macbeth’s opponents cut tree branches and attacked as the forest itself was in motion.

On November 9, 2016, the forest came to the voting booths. Hillary described these “Trump’s supporters as a basket of deplorable, racist sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islam phobic, you name

On May 18, four months into Trump’s presidency, Strzok was still at his desk at the FBI. His insurance policy was now in top gear for it was made for such a time as this. “For me,” the leader of the lynch mob wrote, “I personally have a sense of unfinished business. I unleashed it (an investigation into Trump) now I need to fix it and finish it.”

At this time, he was a lead investigator into the Russian hoax, an accusation that Trump was a Russian surrogate. It was something he and his cohorts had made up. It took 22 months by Robert Mueller and 40 cut-throat anti-Trump attorneys to find out that it was a hoax.

Today’s announcement by Speaker Pelosi is but one more in the insurance policy affected by a high tech lynching mechanism. Pelosi’s claim is that Trump made a call to Ukraine on July 26, which a Joe Biden snoopy, Eric Ciamarella heard about (gossip).

So they want to remove Trump over gossip.