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Jere hails Mushekwi

By Blessing Malinganiza

CAPS United President has applauded a good gesture by former player Nyasha Mushekwi who acquired a bus for the club.

The bus, which is worthy US$120 000, is a token of appreciation for the part they played in his development as a footballer.

Club president Farai Jere could not hide his excitement and gave a brief background of where his relationship with started.

“I know where Nyasha came from, he approached me when he was coming from basketball. I took him to Moses Chunga who was coach then.

“And knowing Chunga, he believes in what he sees. The next thing he was in the team the following week because there are qualities which he saw in him, “he said.

Jere thanked Nyasha of remembering his roots.

“We are excited as a team to have that one kid who remembers where he came from and this is historic not only for CAPS but at national level.

“There is no player who has done this but Nyasha has done it and he shows that he is a natured child from the background where he come from.

“Mwana anorangarira kwaakabva asimudza marobe kubva muguruva, atisumudza. From having nothing to having the best,”he said.

He said that what the player did has shown his great love of the team also encouraged other players to follow in Nyasha’s footsteps.

“We are so humbled, so happy with him. We pray that may the Lord grant his wishes because he is different. He will always be part of the team even if he comes back today, he’s got a very important place in our hearts and the CAPS United family.

“He didn’t do this because he has got money, he’s done this because of his heart and his beliefs that you should always remember where you come from.

“Some of us fail to take care of our parent but he remembers the club that shaped his career to where he is now. He is now rich but to spare his money, money is never enough there are a lot of things he could have done with the money but he chose the club.

“I hope it’s going to be repeated somewhere and it’s a lesson to all the players, “he said. H-Metro