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Neighbours assault Morgan Dembo

By Geraldine Zaranyika

Two Harare men were yesterday convicted of assaulting musician Morgan Tazvivinga Dembo in the wee hours of last Saturday at his residence in Ridgeview.

Morgan Dembo
Morgan Dembo

Reasons for the attack were not disclosed in court, but it emerged the assailants are the musician’s neighbours. Morgan is son to the late great musician Leonard Dembo.

Persy Ushe (35) and Paul Zhanero (26) were convicted by Harare magistrate Mrs Yeukai Dzuda after they pleaded guilty to the charges. The matter was rolled over to today for sentencing.

It is the State’s case that on the day in question around 1am, Dembo was awakened by his mother Eunice Munatsi who informed him that he was being called by the two men outside.

He went outside and Zhanero scaled the security wall into Dembo’s residence, where he then assaulted the musician with fists.

Ushe also jumped over the wall and held Dembo’s hands from behind whilst Zhanera assaulted him with a baton.

Dembo’s mother later intervened to rescue her son and the assailants jumped over the wall and back to their house.

According to the medical examination, Dembo suffered a swollen forehead, swollen wrist and shaky tooth. The Herald