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Gunshots fired at State House

One of the soldiers guarding President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House is reported to have fired 30 shots into the air before he was apprehended as he was about to reload his gun.

File picture of presidential guard units armed with AK47 rifles
File picture of presidential guard units armed with AK47 rifles

According to a report by the privately owned Daily News newspaper, the soldier identified as ‘‘Private Mugadu’’ has been detained and taken in for a psychiatric examination.

The paper quotes a source who said; “without any warning, the soldier pumped 30 shots into the air, sending many people into panic before some brave soldiers close to him managed to apprehend him as he was reloading his gun.

“The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon and I understand that the soldier is currently detained. This young man has a troubled history and once said that he wanted to resign after serving three years, because it is allowed in the army.

“In fact, there were 10 of them who wanted to do that at the time, who took their letters to Commanding Officer Samson Murombo — who, however, allegedly tore up their letters,” the source told the paper.

A separate source claims “Mugadu was apprehended, and taken to the Presidential Guard headquarters, where he was interrogated by its commander, Brigadier-General Mhonda — with the two men apparently engaging in a fist fight.”

“He (Mugadu) accused his superiors … of living it up while the rank and file were suffering. As of yesterday (Thursday), he was said to be no longer co-operating — insisting on seeing the president or the Defence Forces commander (General Philip Valerio Sibanda).

“He has a history of mental health problems which is said to have been detected when he was about 15. He also has a 23-year-old brother who is also said to be mentally ill.

“Among the things he said was that even if he was silenced, there were more soldiers with similar feelings like him,” yet another source told the Daily News.