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Sex-starved woman begs magistrate

By Gibson Mhaka

A Bulawayo woman who has allegedly endured sexual starvation for a long time passionately pleaded with the court to sternly order her husband’s alleged mistress to stay away from her hubby claiming the adulterous relationship had caused her partner to lose appetite for sex with her.

Francisca Chipangu Shumba
Francisca Chipangu Shumba

Alice Mutero claimed her husband John Mutero (60) was no longer having sexual intercourse with her because he was now sleeping with Francisca Chipangu Shumba.

Shockingly, the alleged home wrecker Francisca (45) is also legally married in terms of the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11.

Alice approached the Bulawayo Civil Court seeking a peace order against Francisca.

She said the adulterous affair between her husband and Francisca has caused her emotional and psychological distress.

“I am legally married to John Mutero in term s of the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11 and it still subsists but Francisca Chipangu Shumba is in love with my husband.

“She has the guts to call my husband late at night well knowing that he will be with me. She is also calling me on my phone to insult me.

“She is also emotionally abusing me as she has even made my husband deprive me of my conjugal rights and as a result, I am now psychologically disturbed,” fumed Alice in between sobs.

She also accused Francisca of disrespecting her by coming to her house adding that her husband and Francisca spent most of the time together while at work. In response, Alice pulled a shocker when she unashamedly admitted that she was “madly” in love with John despite knowing that he is a married man.

“When I started dating her husband, I was really aware that they were married in terms of the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11. It just happened that I fell in love with her husband and we have been in love for eight years and our relationship is blessed with a two-month-old baby.

“I however, deny that I phone her husband, as he is the one who is always phoning me,” Francisca said unapologetically.

Her response which seemed to have rubbed an extra layer of salt into Alice’s wounds also incensed the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya who scolded her saying she should do away with a married man as she risked being sued for adultery.

The magistrate later advised Alice to sue Frascisca for adultery if she continues the relationship with her husband.

In his ruling the magistrate ordered Francisca not to verbally and emotionally abuse Alice and not to communicate with her husband except on issues to do with the minor child they have together. Frascisca was also sternly ordered to immediately stop her illicit relationship with Alice’s husband. B-Metro