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TelOne launches Blaze LTE service

Telone launched a game changing fixed wireless broadband solution dubbed Blaze LTE service.

TelOne acting corporate communications head Hazel Ndebele (centre)
TelOne acting corporate communications head Hazel Ndebele (centre)

TelOne acting corporate communications head Hazel Ndebele said Blaze LTE service is an affordable internet connection using Wireless technology called Long Term Evolution (LTE).

The service has been launched in Harare at eight different areas and their peripheries and is reported to remain good during electricity load shedding times.

“TelOne Blaze requires an Outdoor / Indoor / Mobile Modem which connects to TelOne Base stations to provide Internet Access,” said Ndebele.

“The new LTE service is not a mobile service but a fixed connectivity solution with limited mobility.

“The sim card offered for the Blaze service is placed in a modem or Wi-Fi router/ Mi-Fi device as well as some handsets with the Frequency band (FDD-LTE Band 20 (800).

“The LTE Blaze Sim Card will not automatically work in all mobile handsets except those compatible.

“Once the Blaze sim card is inserted into a modem or router, it gives clients the opportunity to connect multiple other devices including mobile phones.

It allows connectivity of up to 10 devices on a MiFi modem and up to 32 devices on an indoor modem,” said Ndebele.

She said the Blaze LTE brings convenience to clients who may wish to share internet connectivity with friends, family or colleagues.

The eight areas where the service is available includes Avondale, Kuwadzana, Borrowdale, Harare central business centre, Ruwa, Glenview, Chitungwiza and Southerton.

Ndebele advised their clients that work is currently in progress to extend the service countrywide and are advised to visit their nearest Client service centre to purchase the Blaze LTE sim cards, the modems and handsets that are compatible with the Blaze LTE service. H Metro