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Lemonade Makers with Yaya Rudo: Find your people – Ndimi anhu acho

By Yaya Rudo

One prayer I know was answered is that of good friends. From an early age my grandmother and my mother prayed that we have good friends. These women would take time naming all of us in prayer one by one asking God for good friends.

Yaya Rudo
Yaya Rudo

I never really understood their obsession with friends until I was much older. Friends may make or break a youngster. You have heard the saying “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.” For my siblings and I, it was even more important to have real friends.

We brought nothing material to childhood friendships. No fancy toys, happy lunch boxes or tuck money not even a ride home. We did not even have exciting holiday stories to share! I love our friends for this; they really liked us for us.

No matter how mentally, physically and spiritually strong you are – you are going to need others especially when lemons are thrown at you. The young people often call it “having your tribe” or “having your people”. The key is one must have people who are for you in good and bad times.

Your tribe, your people know the real you, you do not have to fake it around them. That one friend who will wake up early to come check on you, that person who will see you struggle but never broadcast to the whole world, looks for solutions instead. That one friend who so gets you she takes out the tissues before you cry. The one who fills up your fuel tank before you even ask.

Your people, your tribe, anhu acho want you to succeed. They acknowledge your mess but still stand by you. By the way your people are not yes men. They can passionately disagree WITH you and still wish you the best. Tribe members just want the best for you.

I have had good friends over the years; I still have my friends from grade 1, from 1, first year of college and first job. I may not talk to them every day or post photos with them every weekend but when it matters they are there for me and I pray I am there for them too.

A lemonade maker must have his or her own tribe – “anhu acho “. These are people who allow you to be yourself without feeling judged.

It will be naive to think that one can just turn things around alone. A high school friend, supportive spouse, a reliable cousin or loyal work colleague. The tribe does not always have the answers and solutions to the lemons thrown at us but it is a great source of support.

Who are your people? Find them, acknowledge them. Ndimi anhu acho.

I raise my glass to Lemonade makers, who value their people.

Yaya Rudo is a professional Skills Development Facilitator, Tedx Speaker and Writer. Follow her on Facebook: Yaya Rudoonline, email:info@yayarudonline.co.za, web:yayarudonline.co.za.