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Luke-ing the Beast in the Eye: Those whom the Gods want to destroy, they first make mad

By Luke Batsirai Tamborinyoka 

The situation in the country and the madness in government have reached another level! Indeed, those who the Gods want to destroy, they first make mad.

Luke-ing the Beast in the Eye with Luke Batsirai Tamborinyoka
Luke-ing the Beast in the Eye with Luke Batsirai Tamborinyoka

And you can tell by their actions that they have gone bonkers, as a preamble to their ultimate annihilation by the Holy Ghost.

In a fit of lunacy, the illegitimate regime in Harare fires striking doctors for expressing valid and legitimate demands for a living wage and better working conditions. For simply demanding a living wage, they get dismissed from work.

It was none other than Jesus Christ himself who dramatized the bonkers disposition of an uncaring leadership. In Mathew 7 verse 9, Jesus asks, “Which one of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone?  Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake”.

The Son of man did not end there, and reserved the next verse for the Emmerson Mnangagwa’s of this world:

“If you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children……..”

So they gave their sons and daughters the stone (dismissal) for their legitimate demand of bread as symbolizing a living wage. And in line with the scriptural dictum, the regime spurned legitimate demands and instead gave our doctors a snake (dismissal) when all they had asked for was better working conditions and consumables to enable them to save lives.

In the same week, after having given indications that the rest of the civil service was being allowed to march, the regime soared above the lunacy datum line.  Our brutal and malignant police were at it again. This time they violently foiled a legitimate march they had earlier said could go ahead. Having indicated left, the police turned right, in the true disposition of those who the Gods first make mad in preparation for their annihilation.

It was a week of madness in many respects. It was the same week in which Zanu PF hooligans hijacked a mining conference in Gweru, foisting themselves on an occasion hosted by the Zimbabwe Miners federation in Gweru and which was addressed by Emmerson Mnangagwa himself, the al Shabaab godfather, a notorious outfit that has wreaked havoc in Kwekwe and the town’s environs.

The lunacy ceiling was perforated by the so-called arrest of Jorum Gumbo, a Minister in the President’s Office.  It must be unequivocally stated that the corrupt regime’s tokenism will not fool us. Gumbo was arrested early this week in some cheap drama the script-writers hope will assuage and allay the national appetite for the corrupt to be firmly put behind bars, where they truly belong.

If the real arch-bishops of sleaze and corruption were to be arrested, Mnangagwa himself would certainly not be safe. The deacons and deaconesses in the Lacoste church, including their Pope, would all be behind bars.

Now that would be a real Ecumenical Debacle (ED) for the crooked Lacoste temple, in which avarice and dishonesty are core values.

After all, the Emptiness Doyen (ED) himself and his well-heeled and politically-connected criminal lot are the royal priesthood firmly tucked at epicenter of the cartels and the criminal gangland that are at the very pivot of the despicable national rot.

Kuda Tagwirei, Owen MudaNcube, John Bredenkamp and a motley other Lacoste associates in the criminal underworld are the real mafia that has brought this economy down.

It must be stated that it was Mnangagwa as Defence Minister and later as Vice President who managed the Command Agriculture programme where US$3 billion worth of inputs disappeared without trace.

No paper trail can be found to provide the scent to the whereabouts of such a fortune that is equivalent to the country’s annual budget. In serious countries, someone would be put before a firing squad.

Alive to that possibility of the potential for the ultimate punishment for such heinous crimes as pilfering such huge amounts from the national coffers, it is no wonder that ED has conveniently pronounced himself on capital punishment!

Billions disappearing without trace? That is what happens when the real grand-dads of avarice play the game. No invoice. No footprint. No trace. No evidence.  

If this scarfed chief idiot were serious about corruption, he must start with those who looted billions through the murky Command Agriculture programme, now conveniently christened SMART agriculture.

Or is it not SMART heists?  Smart corruption?

Yet this human form of the Emptiness Disaster of our time will not have the culprits of the Command Agriculture heist arrested simply because the drag-net will certainly embroil him.

The signs of madness are all over. The price of fuel is going up every week, triggering hourly increases in prices of basic commodities. It has certainly become difficult to plan for the next 24 hours.

And just at time they want to be taken seriously by the international community, they allow civil servants to demonstrate and then block the legitimate expression they had initially allowed to go ahead. Proscribing a Constitutional right they had confirmed in writing that it must be exercised!

So who is inviting sanctions?

The clueless regime’s solution is to heighten the lunacy decibels by adding yet another inflationary and worthless currency to the family of bond notes and bond coins, which have only bonded us to extreme poverty and unmitigated penury.

Meanwhile, the “banned” US dollar is firmly operational; despite flagrant denials by the government which itself is the biggest player on the black market; and despite senior government officials paying each other in foreign currency.

And only last week, the madness assumed a Chicken Slice flavour when for the first time, we had barefoot demonstrators being lured with roast chicken and drinks to partake in a protest against a prosperous country thousands of kilometers away.

But Zimbabweans still have a conscience. They snubbed the drumstick lure and recognized the stupidity of feasting alone for 10 minutes while your own children are starving at home.

And soon after that “protest” that never was, yet another Cabinet Minister, a mere thug from Kwekwe, was added onto the targeted sanctions list. This means that all that the so-called march achieved was a further tightening of the rope, and not its cutting off!

As they say, those who the Gods want to destroy, they first make mad.

Indeed, the madness level in this government has reached another level.

Any scarfed attempt to feign normalcy will not work. Simple.

Welcome home Generari.

And please don’t feign recovery in the vain hope of achieving some form of visibility at the Goromonzi conference to thwart any attempt to dismiss you for incapacity so as to appoint sister Oppah to your position.

Generari, these are the sins you are paying for the White City debacle!

Or is Sibusiso ready to bite the gun if necessary?

After all, it is you guys who collapsed the Gushungo edifice when Scarfmore had run away to South Africa!

Mhofu out!

Luke Batsirai Tamborinyoka is the Deputy National Spokesperson of the MDC. He is a multiple award-winning journalist and an ardent political scientist. You can interact with him on Facebook or on the twitter handle @luke_tambo.