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‘I’m still around’: Callisto “Special Meat” Nyamhute

By Takawira Photovet Unlimited Dapi

Musician Callisto “Pop Star” Nyamhute says he is still in the game. 

Musician Callisto “Pop Star” Nyamhute (Picture by Takawira Photovet Unlimited Dapi for H Metro)
Musician Callisto “Pop Star” Nyamhute (Picture by Takawira Photovet Unlimited Dapi for H Metro)

The Special Meat singer says he has plenty of unreleased music but now wants $10 000 per show or better if he is to make a public appearance.

After years in hibernation, H-Metro caught up with the singer at Makoni shopping Centre in Chitungwiza.

“I am still around, I did not hide or hibernate backstage, I am in the studio and your band is still around, anytime you want us, just call me but please, pay us mari inotenga, so that your band breaks even.

“I cannot work and come out telling the world that I have many things, mashandiro angu hatokwanisike, kuti ndiite zvinhu ten-ten.” he said.

“I do not believe in abundance. Yes some later manage to get more and have 10 properties or 10 cars, they may do so. But to us, once we get just one car, one house, one pot of sadza per meal, one packet of sugar, one chance to achieve something, we will be so thankful to God in our life time.

“Even if God keeps blessing me with more than one thing, to me it will be just one thing, I wont beat the drum saying I now have two three or ten houses, no, that is not human, that is not artistic, that is immature.

“Wabvunzwa unemba ngani, unongoti ndinemba period, ngani imba dzunadzo, wongoti ndine imba chete, ndohu artist ihwohwo., because being an artist is being God sent, being God sent is being Godly.

“Yes i might be having many houses like what my friends here are telling you, but that God who blesses one with these many houses, to whom does he go to town beating the drum saying ‘I am God who gave Callisto or so and so such all these houses, money, cars or blessings, God is not selfish, he does not tell anyone about all he has so far done for you, so who are you to move around telling everybody about what you got from that God?” he asked.

On his challenges as a musician, he said, “Piracy is easy to finish, that is if the government seriously want it to end, once it is destroyed, your Pop Star will be back on full time.

“I am still surviving from what I invested from what I yielded from the time I was doing music full time, my hits, ‘SPECIAL MEAT’, ‘MY CHILDREN’ and more all paid me and I invested in my building,” said Pop Star.

He boasts of living a traditional lifestyle,

“You see these fruits are part of our traditional or natural way of living as human beings from day one on earth.

“Vegetation is medication, all these prevent diseases and keep us healthy, let us not eat anything because its available or you are around people eating or drinking it, no.

“Hatisi mhuka dzinongodhla anything at any time, even wild animals, they eat what their mothers taught them to eat, so why are we worse than animals today?

“That is why we are dying more than animals, we human beings do change life styles than animals, birds, fish and vegetation. Funny enough, God created us as His more superior creature to care for creation. So why are we so stupid today, victims to our so called literacy?” asked Pop Star.

Pop Star made a name in the 1990s-2000s with his uniquely controversial dress code of metallic suits on stage.

He left every family member smiling whenever he appeared on the then ZTV Mutinhimira Yemimhanzi, Ezomgido music show every Thursdays.

His music was a totally new sound on the market. Pop Star was just funny to many as he showed on his videos that he was enjoying his new sound until almost everyone started loving him for his confidence. H Metro