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This prophetic beef can end faster than you can say Twabam! (a lighthearted look at a prophetic fallout and reconciliation)

By Dave Chikosi

This will probably be the shortest article I have ever written here. There is currently a prophetic beef between two of Africa’s popular and prolific prophets. It was set off primarily by what South African based prophet Major One thought was a major gaffe by another prophet nicknamed the Gaffa.

Bishop Dave Chikosi
Bishop Dave Chikosi

US based Gaffa posted a message that went viral on social media stating that he had seen in a dream or vision the passing away of Major One by the end of 2019. He had also asked that prayer be offered for the shepherd from Mzuzu, Malawi.

But before any of the Gaffa’s sons could shout “Go deeper papa!” another prophet, the Emeritus, the UK based spiritual father to Major One and head of the Prophetic Mafia (“the prequel of their anticipated sequel”) intervened. He moved faster than his wife’s Lamborghini or that of the Gaffa’s.

The Emeritus took to social media, to not only say, “It is I, father of Major One”, but more importantly, to discount the gloom and doom prophecy as inconsequential.

At about the same time Major One himself told his South African congregation that the Gaffa’s gaffe was nothing but a cheap attention-seeking gimmick. He would get more attention wearing a Black Panther suit than he would prophesying Major One’s decease.

But as you can imagine, this did not go down well with the Gaffa who on Sunday afternoon took to social media to offer a rebuttal – with a passion. He wasn’t exactly apoplectic, but said he was rather surprised that men of God whom he had labored with in the Lord previously were all of a sudden calling him fake.

Benny Hinn, Noel Jones and TD Jakes all received honorable mentions in the rebuttal. The Gaffa also complained that someone in the Prophetic Mafia had made threats about kidnapping his son (who incidentally was named Uebert at birth after the Emeritus real name!)

But this feuding must end and in my view ending this “twabam nyama” or beef should be a piece of cake. Why? Remember Major One is a son to the Emeritus, and the Emeritus is a son to Pastor Chris? Well, Pastor Chris is a good friend of Benny Hinn and Benny is a mentor to the Gaffa.

See where I’m going with this?

So intercessors, you basically have three choices for a Healing & Reconciliation venue: America, South Africa or Nigeria. Nigeria, home of Pastor Chris’ LoveWorld Inc, would make a great venue.

Pastor Benny could catch a ride in the Gaffa’s helicopter from California to Lagos. Major One has his own airplane, but I suspect that if push comes to shove he would just come walking on air all the way to Naija! The kumbaya music will be by Enzo Ishall, and everyone lives harmoniously ever after.

 So there it is. All is well that ends well.