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Black Umfolosi founder celebrates 37th anniversary

By Bongani Ndlovu

Black  Umfolosi founding member, Sotsha Moyo, will be celebrating his music career that spans 37 years with the launch of his fifth album at the Bulawayo Theatre next month.

Black Umfolosi
Black Umfolosi

Moyo, who was involved in a bus accident at the beginning of the year and sustained a broken arm, said there was so much to celebrate hence why he has taken the event to Bulawayo Theatre.

“This isn’t just an album launch . . . There’s so much to celebrate as I’ll be reflecting on and celebrating my musical career which started in 1982 at George Silundika Primary School. Through this music career, I’ve been able to take my children to school and support my family, which is worth celebrating,” said an excited Moyo.

“Although his musical journey has been intertwined with Black Umfolosi, a group that he founded with Thomeki Dube and the late Samuel Mzwanyane Ndlovu 37 years ago, he wants to celebrate that he has been in the industry regardless of the challenges he has faced.

Moyo said it has been 15 years since he started his solo career and this forthcoming project, like previous ones, has the blessing of Black Umfolosi, a group he has travelled the world with.

“This is my fifth project since I started my solo career. It’s not that I’m breaking away from the group (Black Umfolosi), but it’s a fruit. I’ve the blessing of the group and I shall continue in the same vein.” Moyo said the album in tjiKalanga was a shift from Imbube and will be promoting peace and harmony.

“People shouldn’t expect an Imbube album like what I sing with Black Umfolosi. It’s in tjiKalanga and will use instruments to bring out the music and culture. The album preaches peace and harmony among people and the nation,” said Moyo.

He said he would reveal the title of the album on the day of its launch.

“I want to surprise people with the title of the album. I’ll tell them about it on the day of the launch and therefore, would like people to come in their numbers for the launch.” The previous albums include Dabilani (Respond to my call) 2004, Babakidzani (Neighbours) 2006, Tjaba Tjangu (My Nation) 2008, Lebani Lebeswa (Speak the truth) 2010 and Mabuyani (Greetings) 2018. The Chronicle