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Style has no price tag

By Yoliswa Dube-Moyo

The two “yellow bones” dancing to Samthing Soweto’s Akulaleki in the Roland “Uncle Rolen” Muchegwa video that has gone viral on social media told me the guy must be really rich.

As soon as his face appeared in the video, I knew he’s the one with the “bag”. He’s the one making things happen. He’s monied. Further research indicates that the guy is indeed well oiled. He runs a number of businesses and can afford his lifestyle.

It’s his sense of dress that I’m still grappling with. He doesn’t look the part, if that makes sense. I know some will say a man’s financial muscle is what matters most, but can’t all that money buy Uncle Rolen the nicest clothes?

I mean, he probably can afford Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Polo by Ralph Lauren, anything really. Actually, his clothes are probably from some expensive clothing line or the other, but he just can’t put everything together.

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There’s so much he could do to enhance his look if he knew which basics work together. His sense of dress is that of one who’s trying too hard. And you know what, being that person isn’t necessary.

Although having lots of money can get you the fanciest things, you don’t essentially have to be rich to look good. You just need to master a few fashion rules and you’re set for life.

Uncle Rolen (left) with friends Ginimbi and Farai Munyawarara
Uncle Rolen (left) with friends Ginimbi and Farai Munyawarara

Someone was saying times are tough and people can’t afford to look good. I was saying looking classy isn’t about wearing expensive clothes. It’s about having an eye for fashion and knowing what looks good on your body.

Every other day, I meet people who seem to think they can’t afford to look good. But I I’ll tell you now – looking good isn’t about the price tag on a garment.

You can buy fashion, but you can never buy style. When you go shopping, even if it’s once a year, think very carefully about what you want to buy and make sure you don’t spend on rubbish. Make sure you don’t buy colourful, floral or printed garments if it’s the only one of its kind you have.

Instead of buying a yellow blazer, buy a black or a navy blue one because you won’t be able to wear yellow every other day – people will know it’s the only one you have.

Because you can only get so many outfits from purple shoes, rather buy black, nude or brown ones. These can be easily rotated and no one will notice they’re the only ones you have.

Meet Uncle Rolen, Zimbabwe’s blesser driving South African women crazy
Meet Uncle Rolen, Zimbabwe’s blesser driving South African women crazy

Make sure you get the basics – white shirt, clean wash denims, black suit and black shoes – these can always be pimped up with accessories. Every woman should own a little black dress and every man a dark coloured suit. A little black dress is timeless.

It’ll go to the club, to a wedding or a cocktail effortlessly. Your accessories are what will make it relevant for the different spaces. Same as a well-fitted black suit – your shirt, pocket square and buttonhole are what will set you apart. And to be frank, these are once off purchases – you don’t go around buying pocket squares every day!

Rotation is a key component to keeping your wardrobe vibrant without spending an extra dollar. Don’t wear the same pants with the same shirt and shoes. Mix it up a little bit and trust me, you’ll get more out of your lean wardrobe.

Ever seen some rich people like Uncle Rolen you’d expect can afford “looking good” but they just don’t? It’s because money can’t buy you class. You can be in an Armani suit and no one will look at you twice, yet the person in a no name number will turn the most heads.

Until next week, flaunt your pattern and style and don’t forget to catch up with me on Twitter handle @Yolisswa or drop me a WhatsApp message on +263774492700. The Chronicle