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Vendor assaulted by police dies in custody

Hilton Tafadzwa Tamangani, one of the 11 vendors arrested and assaulted by police last week has died in custody. The court was yet to rule on his bail application.

Tamangani’s body was riddled with purple spots where police baton sticks struck him during his arrest and detention at Harare Central Police Station.

Despite his dire situation he was denied access to medical assistance.

His lawyer Agency Gumbo said “Hilton complained of severe pain yesterday (Friday) and was admitted in the Central Prison Hospital but those who were there could not do much in terms of assisting him medically.

“They indicated that they gave him a painkiller of some sort but his entire back had turned purple owing to blood clots.

“The last they heard of him was him complaining of the pain and requiring something to help him sleep. Unfortunately they could not give him anything to help him sleep and today he woke up dead,” Gumbo said.

Below are some of the reactions on Twitter

Hopewell Chin’ono (Journalist)

“One of these guys died in police custody last night! WHY WHY WHY? Why are citizens kept in remand prison when they have been tortured by the police & needing medical help. Do we realise that we now have a State worse than what we had under Mugabe? Is this the standard

“This young man was a vendor who was 1 of 11 arrested by the police. He has died on account of beatings by the police. His name is Hillary Tafadzwa Samangani.This is a State that kills citizens but wants to get the same citizens to march against sanctions invited by THIS brutality.”

Chalton Hwende (MDC Secretary General)

“Just been informed that one of the 11 vendors arrested and beaten by police at Robinson House has passed on last night at remand Prison due to the injuries sustained after they were denied medical access.”

Chenayi Mutambasere (MDC UK) 

An innocent man has been murdered by the #ZRP he was beaten by them 7 days ago they refused medical care inspite of symptoms he died in remand #RIPHILTON

Tererai Obey Sithole (MDC Youth Assembly Chairperson)

“The state has murdered one of the eleven vendors arrested last Saturday. Tafadzwa Hilton Tamangana has died in Remand prison from injuries sustained when they were brutalized by the police. This was worsened by the state’s delays in granting them bail. Police brutality must end!!”