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Zimbabwe netball coach fired

By Shelly Guni

In a surprise development, Gems coach Lloyd Makunde was relieved of his duties yesterday under unclear circumstances ahead of the Africa Netball Championship set for South Africa tomorrow.

Lloyd Makunde
Lloyd Makunde

His assistant Ropafadzo Mutsauki will take charge of the team.

Makunde is credited for the team’s good performance at the Netball World Cup earlier this year, where the Gems charmed the world with some breathtaking performances.

It was, however, not clear yesterday why Makunde, despite participating in coming up with the squad was dropped from travelling as there was no official communication from the Zimbabwe Netball Association.

H-Metro heard Makunde might have been punished for his comments in the media about the money he is owed from the World Cup.

And speaking on the sidelines of the sponsorship unveiling by National Foods for the Gems, Mutsauki sounded overwhelmed by the task ahead of him.

“Firstly it’s hard to be alone on the dugout. It’ easier when you are two or three so as to help each other.

“This tournament that we are going we have limited time to prepare. Fortunately most of the plyers have been in the team for quite a long time.

“We are looking forward to positive results and what is also important is the issue of combination

“If the team has more than three combinations it helps them to gel easily.

“As a coach it’s your wish to have results but with the change in the team there are effects to that.

“Whenever there are changes the team might either get positive or negative results but I’m hoping for positive results,” he said. H Metro


Felisitus Kwangwa (Captain), Sharleen Makusha, Queen Sigauke, Beverly Chipadze, Tatenda Dziva, Lorraine Manjoro, Patricia Mauladi, Claris Kwaramba, Progress Moyo, Linda Nkorongo, Sharon Bwanali, Joyce Takaidza, Ursula Ndlovu.