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Supreme Court judge in car accident

By Nqobile Tshili

Supreme Court judge, Justice Nicholas Mathonsi, yesterday escaped unhurt after a Honda Fit rammed into his Range Rover at a robot controlled intersection in Bulawayo’s Central Business District.

Justice Nicholas Mathonsi
Justice Nicholas Mathonsi

The accident occurred between 14th Avenue and Robert Mugabe Way, just after 10AM.

Bulawayo police could not comment on the matter yesterday.

However, a source who witnessed the accident said they were shocked when Justice Mathonsi emerged from his car following the accident.

“The accident occurred at a robot controlled intersection but the traffic lights were not functioning. The Range Rover driver was enjoying his right of way and other vehicles had stopped enabling him and other vehicles to proceed. But then came a speeding Honda Fit driver from the Matopos Road direction,” said the source.

“He rammed into the left rear side of the Ranger Rover causing the vehicle to spin resulting in it facing the direction where it was coming from.

“Like any normal accident the drivers of the two vehicles exited from their cars and we noticed that the esteemed Justice Mathonsi was the one driving the Range Rover.”

The source said, fortunately, none of the drivers suffered serious injuries following the crash.

Added the source: “The Honda Fit was extensively damaged but Justice Mathonsi’s vehicle incurred minor damages. The police attended the accident and took statements from both drivers.”

Justice Mathonsi, who had been a High Court judge, was in July elevated to the Supreme Court together with Justice Charles Hungwe. The Chronicle