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ZANU PF threatens to adopt price controls

By Upenyu Chaota

Zanu PF last week castigated businesses who unjustifiably hike prices and threatened to adopt price control mechanisms in a move which is not President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s desire.

Victor Matemadanda
Victor Matemadanda

Addressing Zanu PF supporters last Saturday, at a campaign rally to drum up support for the Zaka East parliamentary by election slated for September 21, Zanu PF national political commissar Victor Matemadanda said the business community is being used by the opposition to make people suffer so that they revolt against the government.

“We said we are going to increase salaries for civil servants and shops are busy increasing prices. What is the logic behind those price hikes?

“What it means is that businesses are fighting President Mnangagwa and his development initiatives. President Mnangagwa did not want price controls but these businesses are forcing our hand.

“It is not because we can’t control the prices but it’s because we wanted the businesses to operate in a free environment which benefits them and the consumers. This has however been taken as a sign of weakness by these business people.

“If businesses do not revise their manners, we are going back to the drawing board because when we say let us work together, some are being used by our enemies who cheer them on to increase prices so that people can revolt against the government,” said Matemadanda.

Matemadanda said Zanu PF will never fail to put the businesses in their place but are just giving them a long rope so that they can tie themselves.

“We want to warn all businesses that if we are quiet it does not mean that we are stupid. We have fought and liberated this country so we will not be given sleepless nights by a mere business. If we agree to unleash price controls we do not want people who will cry foul.

“There are those in Zanu PF who run businesses and are on the forefront of hiking prices. The government should not be troubled by people in the ruling party who are busy profiteering at the expense of the people,” said Matemadanda.

Zanu PF will be represented by Clemence Chiduwa who will battle it out against MDC’s Derick Charamba. Zimmorningpost