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Kunaka summoned over 2017 assault

By Zvikomborero Parafini

Former youth leader Jim Kunaka was yesterday summoned to court to answer to charges of assaulting and robbing a soldier while welcoming former president Mugabe at the airport two years ago.

Jim Kunaka
Former Chipangano leader Jim Kunaka

The State alleges that Kunaka assaulted Dennis Mupfungidza, a soldier; a member of the presidential guard, at Robert Mugabe International Airport as they welcomed the former president, who was returning from New York.

After the assault, he allegedly went on to search and steal goods worth US$835 from his victim.

Prosecuting Idah Maromo told the court that on September 25 2017, Kunaka who was in the company of other youths approached Mupfungidza claiming he was on national duty.

The former youth leader, who believed Mupfungidza was a civilian allegedly refused to reveal his identity, claiming he can only reveal it to police officers.

It is alleged that he started assaulting the soldier all over the body while the other youths whom he was leading joined in the assault.

It is further alleged that Mupfungidza fell down and Kunaka assaulted him with a concrete block on the head and started bleeding. H-Metro