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Chitembwe impressed

By Shelly Guni

Harare City coach Lloyd Chitembwe has been impressed by the team’s attitude ahead of his first Premiership match in charge.

Lloyd Chitembwe
Lloyd Chitembwe

The Sunshine City boys travel to Bulawayo for a PSL encounter against Highlanders at Barbourfields on Sunday.

Chitembwe, who took over from Mark Mathe, says the team has talented players.

“So far so good, I’m very impressed by the attitude and the motivation levels are very high. If anything the talent is there, you cannot doubt the talent. But what is more important for me is the intelligence,” Chitembwe said.

“I was talking to the boys and I told them nothing less than good intelligence is acceptable because it takes intelligence to know why one makes mistakes and it also takes intelligence to know how well you can correct the mistakes.

“And for me this is the basic foundation of any serious football player. So, yeah we are hitting hard on that and the enthusiasm is unbelievable. The players are very coachable they are not resisting information.

“They are not resisting the aspect of being taught new things and this is one thing that excites me the most.”

City have been struggling lately and are currently sitting in the relegation zone and a win this weekend will see them move a place up the ladder.

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“It’s important not to look at the past. All teams go through bad phases even during my days at CAPS we also went through that phase. It’s not permanent, we did prove that at CAPS and even here we can prove that it’s not a permanent situation.

“What is permanent is we want to stay in the Premier League, that’s permanent.

“Our aspiration is to make sure this season we avoid relegation and then serious football business will start next year. This I can assure you and this I can guarantee you. That’s the reason why I’m here after having observed and analyse everything it is doable.”

Commenting on their match against Highlanders, the same team he faced before leaving CAPS, Chitembwe said:

“We anticipate a very difficult game considering the fact that Highlanders are a very football institution in Zimbabwe so nothing less than us being competitive is acceptable.

“We want to make sure that we go out there and try to be as competitive as possible.” H-Metro