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Employee sues Doves for $176 000

By Mathew Masinge

Doves Funeral Assurance has been sued by one of its employees Judith Kutombo for US$176 328.89 after the company failed to honor its obligation to reward new business clients.

Doves Holdings
Doves Holdings

According to papers filed at the High Court, Kutombo argues that the company communicated to all staff in 2014 encouraging them to be innovative.

Armed with the development, Kutombo introduced to Doves a new product known today as Special Pensioner’s Scheme and was entitled to receive commission paid monthly.

However, in July 2016, Doves stopped paying Kutombo.

In her declaration, Kutombo said;

“Plaintiff only became aware of the cessation when she received her August 2016 salary without the commission.

“In spite of the fact that the payment of commission should never have ceased, Plaintiff was never given notice of such cessation neither was she given an opportunity to make representations before the benefit was taken away from her.

“Accordingly, Plaintiff is owed her accrued commission for the period ranging from August 2016-July 2019 in the aggregated sum of RTGS$176 328.29.”

Kutombo now wants the High Court to make a declaratory order confirming Plaintiff’s right to receive the five percent monthly commission as outstanding since unlawful cessation.

Doves Funeral Assurance have entered their Appearance to defend the action. H-Metro