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Yaya Rudo: Believing when you cannot see

By Yaya Rudo

I am not going to lie to you, when life gives you lemons, you are going to lose a lot of your friends, relatives even God feels very far from you and your situation.

Yaya Rudo
Yaya Rudo

Prayers feel like they are just bouncing back to you unanswered. It is therefore common for Lemonade Makers to start the comeback journey “alone”.

I do not know what fresh lemons have been thrown at you but I would like to remind a reader out there, that you are never alone. God keeps his word, he promised to be with you, he will be with you, even when you are not “feeling it”.

He is there even there is nothing encouraging that you can see with your eyes .The thing is a Lemonade Maker has to have a relationship with God. When there is a relationship you just know he is there regardless of what you currently see. A relationship with God helps a Lemonade Maker to look beyond what can be seen by the naked eye.

I am reminded of my high school friend Leonard, a blind bright student. At that time, reading material in Braille was limited, so classmates would often volunteer to read to him.

I was fascinated by his intelligence and his sheer will and guts to navigate life as a blind student at a school designed for people who could see. Soon I was reading to him too and the reading continued to the first year of college.

As my friendship with him grew, I noticed something unusual coming from a young man who could not see. Leonard somehow knew when I was around even when I did not say a word.

I wondered if he was getting his sight back and not being generous with the information.  I was determined to find out the truth. I put my Nancy Drew hat on.

I would deliberately not announce my arrival; I would tip-toe and join a group Leonard was part of. I would quietly join his group of friends or tutorial group and never say a word.

It did not seem to matter how stealthy I was, he would just know I was there. He would ask me direct questions or query why I was not saying anything. Freaky, right?

With my private investigations yielding absolutely nothing, I decided to just ask Leonard directly. How was he able to tell I was there when I was sitting at the back of all his group of friends? 

He was blind. The answer blew me away, it is years after college but I often go back to his response. He told me blind people pick up the scents of their primary caregivers, their siblings, and all the people who spend time with them.

The more time spent together the more chances of being remembered and recognized.

The teacher in me loves this kind of a story of course, I will continue to share it. There are times one just has to believe things will turn around even when they cannot see anything physically to support the belief.

The Leonard experience taught me that it is all about relationships after all. He did not need to see me with his eyes; I did not have to announce my arrival nor need to stand right next to him. I had always been around since high school he could now identify me even if I said nothing.

Do not be a slave to feelings during your low moments. He may not change your situation now but a good relationship with God changes you. Lemonade making often requires that we change mindsets. Do not worry about those who left you, focus on who did not leave – God.

Maybe he is not parting the waters fast enough for you or moving mountains on the hour every hour but he wants a relationship with you. Like with my friend Leonard it was about many years of friendship and spending reading time with him.

He did not need to physically see me to know I was there. Lemonade Makers have different lenses they do not dwell on the brokenness they can see.

I raise my glass to Lemonade Makers who are after a relationship with God. I raise my glass to lemonade makers who continue to believe without seeing. 

2019 powered by grace and mercy 
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