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Women wrecked my progress- Andy Muridzo

By Trust Khosa

Andy Muridzo reckons he could have been a mega star had it not been for his weakness for loose women.

Andy Muridzo
Andy Muridzo

The 27-year-old says all his efforts have been eclipsed by his shenanigans with ladies, mismanagement and immaturity.

He however don’t want to be reminded about his past as he believes he still has the mojo to for years.

Initially, it was Andy’s well-publicised sexcapades with raunchy dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda when it emerged he had bouts of unprotected sex with the Sexy Angels boss.

So sad were Bev and Andy’s graphic details of their shenanigans that, at one stage, it was claimed he impregnated the dancer before she suffered a miscarriage.

Chido ‘Mai Keketso’ Manyange

Afterwards, it was Andy’s fallout and public brawl with Mai Keketso at a time his latest album Munondo was doing well, diverting all the attention to the crooner’s marital woes.

Later on, in-house squabbles, which saw him losing band members rocked his camp with his lover – Nyarie – being said to be at the centre of storm.

Andy vehemently denied Nyarie’s involvement in the running of the band’s affairs saying it was only a restructuring exercise he conducted at his Jeetaz Band outfit.

With barely three weeks before Andy launches his fifth album – Shiri Yamambo – on August 22 at Wood Nite Club, his handlers claim the pint-sized crooner deserves a second chance.

The gifted composer and inimitable mbira player concurs he has also seen the light and reformed.

“I’m now focused on my work after all the years I wasted doing wrong stuff like chasing after loose women,” he said.

“I have lost some of my fans as a result of the negative stuff that was publicised but there comes a time when a man matures and decides to correct his past mistakes.

“I know I wronged many people and even lost opportunities but in life we all move on.”

Andy who has engaged his first producer Maselo on his forth-coming album begged for acceptance as he starts his career on a new page.

“In life, we need not to dwell more on the past even though it is difficult for some to forget.

“In my case, I’m appealing to fans and the corporate world to accept a new Andy Muridzo who has reformed.

“I do admit that I was once caught off-side but it’s sad for the nation to continue dwelling in the past.

“Biblically, there are people who sinned but asked for forgiveness and their prayers were heard,” he said.

As part of his turnaround strategies, Andy says he has since roped in new management, which has hit the ground running.

“The new management team I am working with has really changed turned things at the band and we are now operating as professionals.

“I’m no longer doing a lot of donkey since my task at the moment is only to come and perform on stage as well as composing songs in the studio even though they consult mere.

“I no longer run around doing bookings and calling band members for rehearsals since the task is now being done by new people led by Onisimo Saini.

“I no longer have the pressure that I had before since I now have a spokesperson who can defend the brand as compared to the previous handlers who were clueless and lazy,” he said.

As part of his 2019 resolutions, Andy said he could not wait for August 22 when the singer will be ready to charge by both his foes and fans on his works and behaviour.

“Like I indicated earlier on, I’m now focusing on my work, family and of course music alone.

“I now have the verve to work hard than before because I have realised that I was lost.

“I wish I have realised this error before but with age at my side, I can still transform myself and do very well.

“In short, it’s never too late for me to reinvent the wheel and I will do my best once again,” he said.

With the money-spinning summer season now upon us, many artistes are busy in releasing new albums and lining up tours.

As such, the Jeetaz Band under the aegis of Andy Muridzo, appears geared for the season.

“We have lined up a number of shows both locally and in the sub-region.

“We will only go a gear up holding shows after launching our album on the 22nd of this month.

“I have done all the ground work ahead of the album launch where I have invited family friend, brother and businessman Ushendibaba Brighton as our guest of honour.

“I have been doing business with him and I am learning a lot from him, which is a plus on its own,” he said.

As he seeks to end the 2019 on a flier, Andy said he was open to criticism and he urged old and new fans to come and embrace him once again.

“After launching this project, I won’t rest and it will be business as usual. May people have been making enquiries and my hope right now is to perform in some areas where we have been starving people of live shows.

“I won’t restrict myself to Harare because people in remote areas and other small town want my music.

“I have realised all this after roping new management to run my affairs,” he added.

Besides Shiri Yamambo due for release in three weeks’ time, he released Munondo in the year 2018, Tichambotenderera (2017), Ngarizhambe (2016) and Pakubuda Kwezuva in 2015.

Andy also boasts of a number of hits like Dherira, Chidhafu dhudha, Petunia among others hits.

His fifth album will define where he has matured musically or is still searching to reinvent himself. H-Metro