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Obey Sithole recounts abduction attempt

By Obey Sithole

Revolutionary greetings to you fellow Comrades and friends. 

Obey Sithole
Obey Sithole

Thank you for the solidarity and prayers following the horrific incident of last night. I am writing this message to give an account of what transpired.

As you may all know, there was a discussion forum hosted by ZCC on 31 July 2019. The panel comprised of seven people which included Cllr Jacob Mafume and myself representing our beloved party MDC. When the event ended, everyone was treated to a light snack and refreshments as people networked, we networked with the rest for some minutes.

As I walked to our vehicle, one guy came from behind and said “Bamunini,” I turned back and at that very moment he grabbed me by the neck, pushing me towards a white Toyota Rav 4 vehicle which had its doors opened already. Three guys emerged at that very moment, holding AK 47 guns.

As he pushed me towards the vehicle, I kept on battling with him with the help of a fellow party leader and colleague (name withheld).

I was screaming, the more I screamed the more he strangled my neck and attempting to close both my nose and mouth, there was some powder substance in his palm.

After some minutes I fell down, it was at that moment when my colleague pushed the man away. I picked myself up and ran back towards the hall where the event took place. What followed were chaotic scenes whereby every other person around would be kicked for screaming out loud.

I thank God that I survived and that I am still alive to give a testimony in this manner. I can confirm that I am fine just grappling with some bruised and painful neck.

At this point, I would like to thank all the Zimbabweans who were swiftly responsive to the incident and stepped in to rescue us. Let’s keep up the spirit, we are united as one and united we stand.

Till freedom!!!

Messenger of Poverty
Obey Sithole