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Maskiri bounces back

By Edwin Nhukarume

After recently declaring that he is reverting to his bad boy tag, controversial rapper, Maskiri – real name Alishias Musimbe – is set to release an album titled Maskiri Comeback on July 27.


Barely a month after he confirmed that he will be releasing songs that are in the calibre of albums such as Muviri Wese and Blue Movie, the South Africa based rapper is on the verge of releasing his old style of art on Saturday.

Maskiri said the forthcoming album will carry eight tracks and he did not divulge all titles of the songs as he wants to surprise his fans.

“I have been quiet and seeing what is going on in the music industry while making music in the studio.

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“This album is about confirming my comeback, a real comeback.

“Some of the tracks that will be on the album include PaJoni, Mabhuru, Ambuya ,Mukoma Jose and the other songs people will find out when the album is out.

“I do not want to kill the vibe by preempting everything,” said Maskiri.

“There will also be videos for some of the tracks that are on the album.

“These days I have realised videos are a good tool to market and spread the work to many audiences as people are now spending most of their time on mobile phones and internet,” he added.

The album will feature artistes like Hillzy, Zala C, Tyfa, Nox and Mapower.

He worked with producers such as Movy, GT Beatz, Dumisani Sibanda- former Gramma Records producer, Komobeatz and Tyfa. H-Metro