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Manyuchi match moved

By Takudzwa Chitsiga

Zimbabwean boxer, Charles Manyuchi, whose title fight was moved after he suffered an illness said he is preparing for the event and expect to do well at Harare International Conference Centre on September 28.

Charles Manyuchi
Charles Manyuchi

The Chivhu-bred pugilist was yesterday hosted by Machachos Restaurant in Harare where he poured his heart out, saying he is already preparing for his upcoming bout after his WBF middleweight title fight against a Tunisian fighter scheduled for on August 3 was called off.

Manyuchi will now face Martin Domain of France in a fight that will have eight other supporting bouts where there will be four other title fights.

Initially Manyuchi was supposed to face a Tunisian opponent but was hospitalised after he suffered from pneumonia in his build-up to the match which was originally scheduled for August 3.

Manyuchi said he they have moved the dates further as he needs to recover from his recent illness so that he will come out with a victory.

“I am still taking my medication and once I am done, I will up my preparations so that I will make the nation proud once again.

“I think I am ready for the fight and I am starting to work hard. It’s an important fight for me and I hope it will help me get to the highest level where I was before.

“I am going to continue with my fighting style despite the criticism that I always get as it is my style and it helps me especially with the home support I always get. I am restored after my ‘Restoration Fight’ and that’s why we dubbed the next match: ‘The Sound and The Fury’ after our ‘Restoration Fight’.

“At the moment I am practicing for 12 rounds which I think I am going to win,” said Manyuchi.

Simukeliso Mubaya, who represented the Manyuchi Boxing Academy, called on the corporate world to join hands and support the boxer ahead of the match.

“We are grateful that we have had much support from the corporate world which has partnered us through this journey and we are looking forward to see them again as we seek to raise $200 000 for air fares and accommodation before September 28.

“There will be a lot of entertainment and we promise to work tirelessly towards our high priced ambitions,” said Mubaya.

Bout card

Hassan Milanzi v Pompero Nkoma (WBF elimination title), Kudakwashe Chiwandire v Ueria Matora (WBA Elimination Title), Evans Husayihwevu v Andire Ncube, Brendon Dines v Takudzwa Kuchocha, Tinashe Majini v Anywhere Katunga (flyweight title), Tatenda Biningu v Ian Kucheka, Enock Musambudzi v Tinashe Zihove, Imbani Lana v Vincent Muziri, Charles Manyuchi v Nordine Arik (WBF title). The Chronicle